Nvidia and AMD Graphics Cards SLI – Impossible is Nothing

The new DirectX 12 and a new DX 12 based game Ashes of the Singularity is capable of running 2 different graphics cards in SLI (crossfire). The Nvidia and AMD graphics card running together is not a small feat in the world of PC Gaming. It is like something which was perceived as impossible before and has now come true.

Nvidia and AMD Graphics Cards SLI


Breaks the convention that two swords cannot stay in the same scabbard. Nvidia and AMD can co-exist in same cabinet and we are glad about it.

The PCWorld and extreme-tech reports that they have been able to successfully test the AMD R9 Fury X and Nvidia GTX 980 in SLI and got a decent performance out of the combination.

This is all very exciting for PC gamers as well as gaming and graphics cards companies as it open many new possibilities.  PC Gamers can use two different brands of graphics cards and use them simultaneously when required. Gamers wont be stuck with Nvidia or AMD alone.

On the other hand this is really good for the PC gaming Industry too as gamers can buy any graphics card and are not restricted in the Nvidia or AMD eco-system.

It is like you get the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge flash iOS 9.3 on it.  Getting the best of both worlds.

While previously it was not possible to use different cards even from AMD or NVIDIA,  for crossfire or SLI.  We required the same model to run an SLI for instance GTX 970 will not do an SLI with the GTX 960. Now it looks seemingly possible to run a GTX 960 with an AMD R9 270X.

Lets Check out some of the bench marks for the Nvidia GTX 980 SLi and the GTX 980 and Fury X Sli.  The results are impressive and is just the beginning for a long journey.

Nvidia and AMD Graphics Cards SLI

This is a first positive move for the PC Gaming Industry in quite some time, while the industry has lost much due to battle between Nvidia and AMD making one game favor the Nvidia Architecture (Game Works) and other favor the AMD architecture.

Poorly ported console games running abysmally on the 1000$ plus state of the art PC Rig’s. Gamers shifting from PC gaming to mobile and console gaming.

There were days when consoles were incomparable to PC Gaming and games were released for PC first and then for consoles. AMD and Nvidia used to fight fair in the market with best products.

Though this is a significant move and will make hardcore PC enthusiasts, including me much happier.

Though in practical scenario it will take lot of development and software side optimization to run different cards together and we are sure in future they will run better with more advancements in drivers and game codes.

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