Nvidia Bundles The Division for Free With Graphics Cards

Nvidia is going to bundle the latest game from Ubisoft – The Division. If you are looking forward to buy an Nvidia graphics card here is another reason to buy it now as you are going to get the new game which is yet to be launched free with the purchase of select Nvidia Graphics card.

Nvidia Bundles The Division for Free With Graphics Cards

Nvidia in a media release today announced that they will be bundling the game with Nvidia GTX 970  and higher graphics cards. Ideally if you are buying the GTX 970 for gaming or GTX 980 or 980 Ti you would be getting the free game and save some bucks on purchase of the highly anticipated game from Ubisoft.

Nvidia also has stated that you will get the free game bundle in case you are buying any laptop powered by the Nvidia GTX 970M or GTX 980M. Though there are very few and very expensive Laptops which come with the GTX 970 or higher in the Indian market.

The free bundle offer from Nvidia is applicable for all the Gamers who buy the hardware between 18-Feb-2016  to 21-March-2016.

I feel that they should have included the GTX 950M and the GTX 960M based laptops too in the free bundle to include the main-stream gamers specially in the developing countries. Similarly to build a GTX 970 or Higher gaming Rig you need at least 60 to 70K in India which is not available with majority of gamers.

They should have included the GTX 950 and GTX 960 to the bundle and it would have made some fellow gamers happier.  Considering Nvidia recorded a record revenue in the last quarter specially from gaming.

Nevertheless The Division is something amazing and we have very high hopes from the game and I am going to try it once it gets released for PC. Set in  New York  City the game is about survival in the post-Apocalyptic world which has been teared apart by a deadly virus which spread through currency notes.

The graphics and environment looks great and you would enjoy the game more if you some of the recent hardware.  Here is a trailer released by Ubisoft which shows how the world was before and how it is now.

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