Nvidia Expands New Facility in Pune India

Nvidia the global giant in the field of graphics cards and graphics computing has expanded it’s facility in Pune. Jen-Hsun Huang CEO of Nvidia flew down to Pune to inaugurate the new facility which will have more than 900 employees and a state of the art architecture.

This is a great news for Indian Gamers who enthusiastically follow each and every move by the global leader in Graphics card. Also a great opportunity for developers and Gamer’s seeking career in gaming related technology and Nvidia.

Nvidia Expands New Facility in Pune India

Recently Nvidia’s CEO Jen Hsun was named as one of the best Global CEO’s and was ranked 29th in a survey done by Harvard Business review magazine.

“HBR’s ranking of CEOs is meant to be a measure of enduring success,” the publication states. “We track and analyze each CEO’s performance starting from day one of his or her tenure”

The Pune Development Centre plays a key role in NVIDIA’s global product development and innovation strategy. It combines world-class facilities and engineering teams that work on software development, testing and chip attachment, and driver development for a number of NVIDIA products.

First opened in 2005, the Pune Development Centre houses hundreds of employees with over 140 patents to their credit. It is one of the largest facilities for Nvidia outside US.

Spread across 350,000 square feet, the facility is the company’s largest outside its corporate offices in Silicon Valley.

“In a world rich with displays and cameras, visual computing is more important than ever. NVIDIA is dedicated to continuing to lead this field, by attracting the world’s best engineers and sustaining a culture where they can do the best work of their lives,” said Huang. “Pune is one of NVIDIA’s major sites. We’ve grown 15-fold here in the past decade. Today’s opening is testimony to Pune’s pivotal role in our company and our continued leadership in visual computing.”

Nvidia also was reported recently to be considering the new Memory modules to go along with the Pascal architecture for the Graphics cards the new memory module is  – GDDR5X. Current generation of Nvidia graphics cards are based on the Maxwell architecture and use the GDDR5 memory in all graphics cards like the Nvidia GTX 980 ti or the Nvidia GTX Titan X.

While AMD has already shifted to the High Bandwidth memory for the top of the line graphics cards like the Fury X. Nvidia is yet to upgrade to a faster memory, the GDDR5X is developed by the company known as Micron. Micron claims that the new memory module can increase the performance of gaming specially for Gamers using 2k or 4K displays.

Nvidia 32 GB Graphics Card

The GDDR5X memory can offer transfer speed of 10-14 GB/s vs the conventional GDDR5 6-8 GB/s limit on the GDDR5.

With made in India and Digital India campaign at full swing a lot of new companies are now focusing on India as a top destination to shift manufacturing as well as the software development work.

Source – Nvidia Blog

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