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Updated On 28 June 2018

Highlights From Nvidia Gamer Connect Chandigarh Event:

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Nvidia the largest PC Graphics card manufacturer is kicking off a special event for Indian Gamers on 24th June 2018 at Chandigarh. I will be attending the event and will meet up with the gamers if you are in the neighborhood join us for the fun.

You can register here on the Gamer Connect Website.

The event is named “Gamer Connect.” It is aimed at sharing the coolest gaming hardware with Indian PC Gamers and to have a fun time playing games at the Gaming Cafe.


The GamerConnect event is a platform set by Nvidia to bring the PC Gaming community together and have some fun events, games and showcase them the future of PC gaming, like 4K gaming and the latest Nvidia Graphics cards.  You will be able to experience the games at last settings powered by the Nvidia GTX 1080, 1070, 1070 Ti and GTX 1060.

Also, we can play the latest titles such as Final Fantasy XV,  Fortnite & Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds at the event. You can follow Candytech on twitter to keep getting all the updates if not done already, to know if it is going to come to your city.

You will also be able to experience the future technologies like Virtual reality at the event.

The GamerConnect Event initially started from Mangalore on 23rd September 2016, and next event was in Jaipur on 8th October 2016.  One really interesting thing is that Nvidia plans to go to tier 2 and tier 3 cities rather than focusing on metros which will enable PC gamers in these cities to experience the best of PC gaming.

There are approx. 1.2 Crore PC gamers in India and is an applauding work by Nvidia to bring together such a large community of gamers. Lastly, Nvidia will host the event in more towns in India, and I am in constant touch with Nvidia India representative and will keep updating this space.

What Nvidia Has to Say

” Through Gamer Connect, we want to reach out to gamers across the length and breadth of the country and provide them the best gaming experience available. Such initiatives also widen horizons and allow them to hone their skills and test them against other gamers worldwide!” said Vamsi Krishna, Head – Consumer Marketing, South Asia, NVIDIA.

Address for Chandigarh Gamers Meet 24 June 2018: 

Himachal Bhavan, Plot No. 4 and Madhya Marg, Sector 28B.

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