Nvidia GTX 950 Ti and GTX 950 Rumored

Nvidia is likely to launch the Maxwell based new graphics cards Nvidia GTX 950 Ti and GTX 950. They will replace the current generation of mid range graphics cards the Nvidia GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti.

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If the rumor mill is to be believed Nvidia has just finished production of the new graphics processor based on GM 206-250 architecture which can power the next Gen Nvidia GTX 950 Ti and GTX 950.

Nvidia GTX 950 Ti and GTX 950

The GM 206-250 architecture cards will be meant for the GTX series not the GT series, that implies that Nvidia will first be doing a refresh to the mid range cards with GTX 950 Ti and GTX 950. Nvidia will counter the recently launched AMD Graphics cards the AMD R7 370 and AMD R7 360. The Nvidia GTX 960 is based on GM 206-300 architecture with 1072 Cuda Cores.

The AMD R7 370 competes with the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti , and the AMD R7 360 competes with the Nvidia GTX 750.

Nvidia is going to take a top down approach for the GPU launch it started with the GTX 980 and GTX 970 launch last year in November and then launched the Flagship GTX Titan in March 2015. Earlier this year they unveiled the most powerful 6 GB VRAM graphics card the Nvidia GTX 980 Ti which performs very close to the AMD Fury X and Nvidia GTX Titan X.

They also launched the 1080P mid-range graphics card the Nvidia GTX 960 in January 2015.

All these cards were for the 1080p, 2K and 4K resolution, now Nvidia will be focusing on the 720p or HD resolution gaming with more affordable graphics cards.

Next launches will be for the main stream cards for the price range below Rs. 15,000. The new GTX 950 Ti whenever launched will be priced between 11k to 14k in the Indian market and GTX 950 will come in sub 10K category.

There is also huge price gap between the Nvidia GTX 960 and GTX 970.  The Nvidia GTX 960 is retailing for Rs. 17,000 and the GTX 970 is priced close to Rs. 28,000. We are also likely to see a graphics card to bridge this gap with a likely launch of Nvidia GTX 960 Ti which also has been rumored on many forums lately. We expected a GTX 760 Ti but it never materialized, the last Ti card in this range was the Nvidia GTX 660 Ti.

The information is gathered from authentic sources which have been more or less accurate in the past, but still should be taken with a pinch of salt. Let’s wait for some more days to see what unfolds next in the world of graphics cards.

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