Nvidia Gameworks Program Makes Nvidia Better than AMD

The Nvidia Game Works program has kicked off another controversy, and this time it is due to graphics enhancements in the latest PC game Witcher 3.

The graphics enhancement only work on the Nvidia Graphics cards and are optimized by the CD Projekt Red, the developer for Witcher 3 game.

The irony is that even if you have AMD Graphics card like 290X/ 290, you will still not be able to use some of the features like the Hair-works in the game. The lifelike hair movement

The Gamework program for Nvidia allows the Game Developer to optimize the game for the Nvidia cards but not for AMD graphics card.

As per the statement released by the Witcher 3 Game developer CD Projekt Red –

Many of you have asked us if AMD Radeon GPUs would be able to run NVIDIA’s HairWorks technology – the answer is yes! However, unsatisfactory performance may be experienced as the code of this feature cannot be optimized for AMD products. Radeon users are encouraged to disable NVIDIA HairWorks if the performance is below expectations.

The statement caused an uproar on many social media sites, many pc gamers on Reddit criticized the Game developer and Nvidia’s move to provide specific enhancements to Nvidia Hardware users.

The potential issue with such things is that there are only two players in already shrinking PC Gamers market if half of the games will favor Nvidia and another half AMD then it is indeed worse for PC Gamers community.

Nvidia already commands 70% share of discrete GPU market and gamers may be forced to buy Nvidia cards more if more and more games start favoring Nvidia architecture.

DO we need a monopoly by any Graphics card company, I don’t think, so it is a great idea.

You can read the earlier story about the Game works program below.

You can read the earlier story about the Game works program below.  

Nvidia Game Works Program – Why it is Bad for Gamers and Gaming Community.

Date 11-July-2014 – There was a bad tussle between AMD and Nvidia over Watchdogs performance where AMD accused Nvidia of manipulating game code with the help of developers to tilt performance towards Nvidia cards. 

The article gives information about – Are Nvidia Drivers/Game work Optimizations Better than AMD or is it Nvidia Gameworks program which improves Nvidia Card performance in specific gaming titles.

Nvidia Gameworks Program Makes Nvidia Better than AMD  – I love both AMD and Nvidia for being the pinnacle of Graphics card Industry and for making my gaming years special this is a report which I had been studying for some months and thought of sharing. Before you come to any conclusion, read the article thoroughly.

Understanding Nvidia Gameworks Program: Nvidia has made some big announcements regarding game development and new game technologies in the past couple of years. One of the most significant was a late developer support program, called GameWorks. The GameWorks program offers access to Nvidia’s CUDA development tools, GPU profiling software, and other developer resources.

One of the features of GameWorks is a set of optimized libraries that developers can use to implement specific effects in a game like shadows, hair tessellation, etc. Unfortunately, these same libraries also tilt the performance landscape in Nvidia’s favor in a way that neither developers nor AMD can prevent this.

Recently AMD and NVIDIA had a dirty exchange of blows over NVIDIA’s shrewdness to tilt and manipulate the performance of Latest UBI Soft game Watch Dogs performance.

These claims spread beyond just Watch Dogs performance and extended into the greater PC gaming world, with AMD’s Robert Hallock passionately explaining that GameWorks represents “a clear and present threat to gamers by deliberately crippling performance on AMD products.” Now Nvidia is firing back, for intent on setting the record straight.

Watchdogs Performance AMD Drivers VS Nvidia Drivers

The game benchmarks for watchdogs are as follows which shows that It favors NVIDIA more than AMD:

Nvidia Gameworks Program Makes Nvidia Better than AMD
AMD vs. Nvidia watchdogs performance SLi crossfire
watch dogs benchmarks AMD Vs Nvidia
watch dogs benchmarks AMD Vs. Nvidia
data source: Forbes survey

The crossfire performance is worst for AMD whereas SLI for Nvidia is better.

The Secret That NVIDIA & AMD Don’t Want to Tell Gamers & Why it is bad For PC Gaming Industry as a whole!

According to Nvidia, Game developers like Ubisoft or Rockstar can, under certain licensing circumstances, gain access to (and optimize) the GameWorks code, but cannot share that code with AMD for optimization purposes. Now if the game is not Optimized for AMD that means NVIDIA will have some edge in the game irrespective of both Hardware being equal.

Now approx. 40% of gamers have AMD hardware which will get impacted by this kind of Game developer based Bias for fine tuning games with libraries of Nvidia Gamework.

“AMD Gamers will curse AMD for poor driver optimization and see Nvidia take the lead in common benchmarks done by various Tech Gurus.”

 Nvidia Fanboys don’t be happy after reading what Nvidia is doing, and you will get benefit from it and no need for AMD Fans to be sad.

To every reaction there is an Equal and opposite reaction – Newton’s Third law tells us & it certainly applies here as well.

AMD will also do the same with developers whom it has good standing which will make games better for AMD Hardware.

They(Nvidia & AMD) have been doing this to win the battle of superiority and influence buyers by showing how good they are compared to each other.

This is terrible news for a customer if I have paid money to either of them for graphics card then I would like to play all games with excellent performance, so my investment in my gaming machine is realized. If half the titles don’t work at the best level then ultimately Gamers are losing on maximizing value.

Idea Should be that Developer should create the game and take help from Both Nvidia and AMD to optimize the game on both Hardware and this should be monitored else with this kind of scenario we will have 50% of games with excellent performance on AMD Gaming rigs and 50% on Nvidia.

Wanted to share the same Gamers, so we know what goes behind the curtains and not be fooled by AMD Driver’s suck statement.

This report is confirmed by many tech authority & gaming websites and even Forbes the most respected of them.

Forbes survey link is here you can read the Forbes report as well – Forbes Watchdog benchmarks

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