Nvidia Unveils Most Advanced Graphics Card Nvidia Titan X

Nvidia CEO NVIDIA Jen-Hsun Huang, made a surprise appearance at the Annual Game Developers Conference in front of before a packed house of 300 developers at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

Nvidia Unveils Most Advanced Graphics Card Nvidia Titan X

The appearance also brought some nothing really important and note worthy for the gaming Community worldwide “The Nvidia TITAN X”. Jen-Hsun made the sudden un announced appearance from the back of the room, saying he had something special to show & quickly unwrapped a concealed box artfully labeled TITAN X, he unveiled the company’s new fasted graphics card.


Nvidia Titan X is expected to be faster than the Nvidia Titan Z and we will get the Gaming benchmarks in some days how much better it is compared to the Titan Z or AMD 295X2. The graphics card is air cooled unlike the AMD 295 X2 which offers closed loop liquid cooling solution. While Jen-Hsun was clandestine about the details and specs of the New graphics card he confirmed that Nvidia will give out the details of the new Titan X at the Nvidia technology Conference which is going to happen in two weeks time.

Nvidia Unveils Most Advanced Graphics Card Nvidia Titan X

However he did said that it is based on the Maxwell Architecture & has eight billion transistors,with  a 12 GB frame buffer and took thousands of engineer years to build.

Key Specs Expected for Nvidia Titan X

  • Memory Capacity – 12 GB of VRAM.
  • Architecture – Maxwell 200.
  • Manufacturing Process – 28 nm.
  • Cuda Core – 3072.
  • Memory Cock – 7 GHZ.
  • Memory Bus Width – 384 Bit.
  • Memory Bandwidth – 336.0 GB/s.
  • Clock Speed – TBA.
  • Boost Clock – TBA.
  • TDP – 225 Watts.
  • Connector – 8+6 Pin.
  • Price – USD 1000 , Rs. 85,000.

Compared to the Nvidia GTX 980 which has 2048 cores and memory bus width of 256-bit, and Memory Bandwidth of 224 GB/second and a TDP of only 165 watts. The Nvidia Titan X is going to be revolutionary when it is released and an Ideal Companion for a 4K Gaming PC Build.

Additionally AMD TO Retire Mantle Support

Also in a new move AMD has given up on it’s initiative to improve mantle which it launched in 2013. The move came after AMD asked developers to focus on DirectX 12. Either way AMD was not going anywhere with it’s mantle API as all games were not able to use and Game developers were also having hard time to manage both DirectX and Mantle. Mantle’s main benefit was the ability to use CPU cores effectively which helped the AMD Processor as well as GPU.

AMD Mantle Support to end soon


Since this has now been included with DirectX12 GL-Next, the future of Mantle was in jeopardy either way while most Gamers would like to use DirectX12 when microsoft releases it. Most graphics card will be able to take advantage of DirectX 12 however some features will require you to upgrade your graphics cards. AMD is also looking forward to release the AMD R9 390X and 380X.

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