One Plus X vs One Plus One Detailed Comparison

One Plus entered the Indian Smartphone market with the most affordable flagship and continues to dominate the affordable flagship category with it’s latest flagship –One Plus two.

Now the company has come up with a mid-range smartphone –The One Plus X. One Plus X and the One Plus One are available for nearly the same price, and a lot of readers have asked which is the right choice for them.

We recently ordered a Oneplus X and used it. Thanks to the OnePlus team for sending an early invite.

The OnePlus One is almost 1.5 years old and was launched in April 2014 while the OnePlus X was launched in October 2015.

One Plus X vs One Plus One Detailed Comparison
OnePlus X

Build and Design

One Plus X Vs. One Plus One Detailed Comparison – The OnePlus X features Gorilla glass finish on front and back. The metal frame on the edges gives the smartphone a premium feel.

The back side of the mobile does attract fingerprint. The One Plus One has a Sandstone or  Soft touch finish which is immune to fingerprints. But like most people use a back cover, so the fingerprint magnet issue is mostly non-existent.

When it comes to the build quality, the X is undoubtedly a head turner. The exclusivity of having Oneplus X adds to the enthusiasm of buying it showcasing the latest from uber-popular Oneplus to social circles.

The size of the One Plus X is ideal for the 5.0 inches screen while the one plus one might suit buyers looking for a large screen mobile with 5.5 inches display.

OnePlus One image2
OnePlus One

The OnePlus One weighs 162 grams while the One Plus X has only 138 grams of weight.

The thickness of the OnePlus X is also considerably lower with 6.9 mm Vs. the 8.9 mm on the OnePlus One. Using OnePlus X feels better to me due to smaller screen and lighter weight and keeping it in the front pocket also is quite comfortable.

Key Specs Comparison    

Both the smartphones have great specs and build quality, let’s have a drill down to see the detailed specs.

OnePlus XOnePlus One
Snapdragon 801Snapdragon 801
Quad-core 2.3 GHzQuad-core 2.5 GHz
3 GB Ram3 GB Ram
5.0 inches Display Amoled5.5 inches Display IPS
1080P Resolution (443 PPI)1080P Resolution  (401 PPI)
16 GB Internal (up to 128GB)16 GB Internal (up to 128GB)
2525 mAh Battery2525 mAh Battery
13 MP Primary Camera13 MP Primary Camera
8 MP Front Camera5 MP Front Camera
2525 mAh Battery3100 mAH Battery Capacity
Android 5.1.1Android 5.1.1
Weight -138 gramsWeight -162 grams
Thickness – 6.99 mmThickness – 8.99 mm
Dual Sim 4G LTESingle Sim 4G LTE



When it comes to phones on a budget something that disappoints you is the below par display. But One Plus has crafted a masterpiece out of the One Plus X. It has a 5 inch 1080 p AMOLED display at 441 dpi.

The AMOLED display coupled with Oxygen OS’ dark theme conserve energy.  The Oneplus One has a large 5.5 inch 1080 x 1920 LCD display at 401 PPI. We give a plus One to the OnePlus X display.


The X features a 13 mp shooter at the back with a f/2.2 aperture which allows you to shoot quality images even in low light.

The front shooter comes with an 8 Megapixel which might work a treat for selfie lovers.

The OPO has the same 13mp Exmor Sony sensor but at a slightly more substantial aperture of f/2.0 almost comparable images from both devices. When it comes to selfies, the X beats even the One Plus ‘Two’ which has the same 5 mp shooter.

Embedded with clear image mode and the HDR mode the front shooter can up your selfies.


One Plus X comes in at 250 dollars (INR 16,999) for the glass back version and the Ceramic back version might take some heft off your wallet.

The One Plus One is available at a slightly higher price of INR 17,499 for the 16 GB version (it is out of stock currently on Amazon India) and Rs. 19,999 for the 64 GB version at the time of writing of this article.

So the OnePlus X might seem a bit pocket-friendly Vs. the 64 GB version of the OnePlus One.

To Sum Up Pros and Cons for Both Smartphones :

 OnePlus XOnePlus One
5.0-inch screen Size easy to handlelarge screen good for some readers
Better Amoled DisplayIPS LCD Display
Processor clocked higher (2.5 GHz)
Expandable Storage –
Lighter in Weight
Sandstone Finish no fingerprints
4G LTE4G LTE support
Lower Price
Slightly better battery back up
Dual Sim( No Dual Sim)
Better Front Selfie Camera
Invite only – biggest ConAvailable Freely

Concluding thought – The Better Choice:

 There are a lot of positives for the newly launched OnePlus X – better AMOLED High PPI display, Dual Sim, expandable storage and comes with a better front camera. The pricing is also lower and can be bought for Rs. 16,999. The smartphone is light in weight and is quite portable.

The OnePlus One, on the other hand, has a larger display, some readers may like to have the larger screen for reading and watching videos. The processor is clocked slightly higher 0.2 GHz, though the processor is same as in the OnePlus X. A minimal performance gain, battery life as per estimation can be 10% better Vs. the OnePlus X.

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