OnePlus has launched the OnePlus 5 on 20th June globally and the smartphone will be unveiled today in India at 2:30 pm in Mumbai. There will be a live stream of the event as well.

While we know everything about the Oneplus 5 by now but there is one piece of the puzzle which is yet to be solved – the Indian price of OnePlus 5. The price will be shared at the media event today around 3:30 pm. While the Oneplus 5 is priced at $479 for the lower 6 GB RAM and 64 GB variant in the global market.

Update – The smartphone is priced at Rs. 32,999 for the 6 GB Ram and 64 GB storage version, while the 128 Gb version with 8 GB RAM is priced at Rs. 37999. We were absolutely correct of our India price prediction for OnePlus 5. The price is not high and is as per our expectation based on the global price.

OnePlus 5 Amazon Exclusive Sale 22 June at 4:30 PM

The OnePlus 5 is exclusive to Amazon India, and the first sale is on 22 June 4:30 pm (sale time).

OnePlus 5 comes with the most powerful processor on any smartphone – Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 clocked at 2.45 GHz and there is Adreno 540 GPU to take care of Gaming needs. The key highlight of the smartphone is its 16 Megapixel + 20 Megapixel Dual rear camera which offers great bokeh effect and DSLR like images.

The smartphone also has a decent 16 MP front-facing camera. All the 3 camera lens are from Sony and offers good optics capability to the phone compared to the previous iteration OnePlus 3T.

The OnePlus 5 comes with Android Nougat 7 along with the Oxygen OS which offers a very neat and clean user experience without any bloat.

The other significant feature is improved and faster dash charging that now allows you to charge the OnePlus 5 up to 60% in just 30 minutes. The mobile comes with 3300 mAH capacity battery and measures just 7.25 mm in thickness, weighs 153 grams.

The lightweight and thin smartphone design is an inspiration from the iconic Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Other features include a super fast fingerprint scanner which allows you to unlock the device in just 0.2 seconds.

The OnePlus 5 will be available in 2 color variants the space grey and matte black.

The storage is dedicated alone, you cannot add a memory card to expand the storage and Oneplus 5 does not have support for water or dust proofing.

Here is a Video Which Tells About Why One Plus Choose an iPhone Like Design and a Closer look at the OnePlus 5

  Watch the India Launch Event for OnePlus 5 and the Winner of Rs. 1 Crore Prize Money Saumya From Bhubaneshwar. 

OnePlus 5 Top 5 Features You Will Love

OnePlus has officially unveiled their flagship smartphone – OnePlus 5. It’s been released globally at $479 (Rs 32,000) for the “Slate Gray” option which packs in 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. Whereas the “Midnight Black” option will set you back for $539 (Rs 35,000) and comes with an insane 8 GB of RAM with 128 GB of storage. Hence, the price difference!


The OnePlus 5 comes with some groovy features which are surefire to win you over.

1) Camera – Sony Dual Cameras

OnePlus has always delivered a spec loaded flagship smartphone but have somewhat fallen short in the optics department. They’ve completely rectified this shortcoming by offering a similar dual camera set-up with a Dual Rear camera similar to the iPhone 7 Plus.

The OP5 flaunts a 16MP sensor with f/1.7 aperture and 20 MP with f/2.6 aperture.

OnePlus 5 Launched With Dual Rear Camera 8 GB RAM SD 835

There are a lot of options like Portrait Mode, a simple camera App UI, PRO mode. At the front, it also has decent 16 MP pixel selfie camera to up the selfie game. All these combined with the Dual rear camera setup with lenses from Sony is going to create a great impression for your social media following.

All these combined with the Dual rear camera setup with lenses from Sony is going to create a great impression for your social media following.

2) Performance – Let’s Beat EveryOne …..

Similar to all the flagships like the Samsung S8 and Xiaomi Mi6 – OnePlus is also offering top of the line spec sheet. While most phones come with either 4 GB RAM or a maximum of 6 GB RAM, Oneplus is a step ahead.  It comes with a whopping 8GB of RAM in a smartphone; most laptops still run with 4 GB of Ram.

OnePlus 5 Top 5 Features You Will Love

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is the summit of mobile processors and offers the fastest performance you can have from any smartphone in 2017. Also, let’s not dwell much into the benchmark controversy. It is still the best hardware in any phone.

3) Software – Smooth ….. Super Smooth…

An optimised software is a foundation of providing a lag-free experience. While Samsung, Huawei, LG are busy adding too many things to stock Android. OnePlus has managed to take the stock Android, one step further.

Oxygen OS OnePlus 5

OnePlus has managed to keep things in control and add only a few relevant features. The overall app opening times are snappy, transitions and animations look smoother, and they’ve surely improved the touch latency performance. The UI and UX are clutter free and offers minimalist experience.

4) Dash Charge – Unmatched Speed

There have been plenty of fast charging options in the market. Some from Qualcomm and some are proprietary. The Dash Charge is exclusive to OnePlus and users can avail the speedy charging rates only with their proprietary charger and cable.

Dash Charging One Plus 5

Although, once everybody uses it; it’s real difficult to go back to the normal 5V2A charging speeds. OnePlus’s slogan,          “A day’s power in half and hour” totally lives up to the expectations. It not only charges the device up to 60% in 30min, but it’s also able to charge rapidly while in one’s using it. It’s certainly faster than the Turbo Charging from Motorola, Fast Adaptive charging from Samsung and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0.

5) Design – Copying is not always bad…

When the official leak by OnePlus broke the internet with an iPhone-esque design, tech enthusiasts were appalled. Although, I think if you can really deliver a better version of the best smartphone out there, then, why not imitate it.

Companies like Oppo and Vivo have been doing that for years, but they weren’t delivering a flagship smartphone. OnePlus has tried to make it look slightly different to iPhone 7 Plus by introducing a thinner beveled edge, to which they’re calling, “horizon”.

That sharp edge looks distinctive with the rest of the curved aesthetics. The OnePlus 5 is able to pack all the goodies with dual camera and a commendable 3300mAh battery in a nutshell which measures in at just 7.25 mm thickness.

No matter it looks like an iPhone 7 Plus, but it is a stunner.

Can Check More about the OnePlus 5 Design and making of OnePlus 5 story in the below Video

Those were the top 5 features of OnePlus 5, although this doesn’t mean it’s a perfect smartphone one can buy. There are some shortcomings like the lack of an IP rating, Wireless charging, Bezel-less display, non-expandable storage.

The smartphone will be unveiled in India on 22 June, stay tuned for some more updates on OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 is exclusive to Amazon India, and the first sale is on 22 June 4:30 pm.

Amazon Sale OnePlus 5

Top 5 Features For OnePlus 5 Explained – in Hindi

Which OnePlus 5 is Selling More 8 GB or 6 GB RAM – Carl Pei Answers

Are People Buying 8 GB RAM or 6 GB RAM Oneplus 5?

Oneplus 5 was launched on 22 June 2017 on Amazon India and comes in two variants – 6 GB RAM, 64 GB storage and the 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage.

Notably, the 6 GB Ram version costs Rs. 32,999 while the 8 GB Ram version is available for Rs. 37,999. A lot of people are asking this question so which is the high selling for OnePlus out of the two variants.

In an interview with NDTV, founder for OnePlus answered the question. The answer is a bit surprising as he said the 8 GB RAM / 128 GB version is selling more in the global market in comparison to 6 GB ram version.

Which is Selling more in India?

Interestingly, in India people are buying the 6 GB Ram version more than the 8 GB variant. Also, he said that the 8 GB ram version has an outstanding demand in India and is even a big seller at that price point.

Carl Pei said it would have been scary to launch a mobile over Rs. 35,000, 3 to 4 years back and maybe people would not have accepted it. But now a lot of buyers in India are opting for the higher ram version of the OnePlus 5.

Although, personally if you ask me which version I would go for?

I would settle for the 6 GB Ram version with 64 GB storage as the performance gain is negligible for the 8 GB version. Besides, you won’t notice any difference in real life.

Also, it depends if you need more space to store large media files, then I think it is better to opt for the 128 GB version. Go for the 128 GB / 8 GB Ram version for the storage benefit, not for a performance boost due to its additional 2 GB RAM.

Also, Carl Pei said that they underestimated the demand for the 128 GB version and it is selling more than what they expect. Especially in the global markets, there is a lot of demand for the 8 GB ram version.

Carl Pei clarified that they use the Oppo plant to manufacture the Oneplus devices, even the units sold in India. Further, he said it is similar to asking Foxconn to make phones for them. Notably, Foxconn make Apple iPhones, and several other companies also them to make phones.

OnePlus 5 Launched – Is it a Flagship Killer?

Carl Pei took the stage and told about the philosophy of the company “Never Settle”, they have always wanted to build a smartphone which they can use – “A Perfect Android Mobile”. They launched the OnePlus One in 2014, and it was very successful, not only in China but also globally.

They sold 1.5 million OnePlus One smartphones, and they expect a much better result from the new OnePlus 5.

After all the hype and leaks finally, we have the OnePlus 5, the smartphone which I think fits in the shoes of Google Nexus. Google with its Pixel phones is becoming more like Apple. While Android users need a great smartphone at an affordable price.

Let’s explore What is New in the OnePlus 5 compared to the OnePlus 3T and other top of the line smartphones.

OnePlus 5 offers – Dual Rear Camera, SD 835 and 8 GB RAM

Design – Though OnePlus design looks very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, it has subtle changes but nothing too noticeable to make it look different. Having said that, it is still a gorgeous looking smartphone which will be available in two colours – matte black and mild grey.

The Oneplus 5 is also very thin, in fact, it is thinner compared to any older Oneplus smartphone, measures just 7.25 mm in thickness. While there were doubts that OnePlus will loose the 3.5 mm headphone jack to accommodate a thinner profile, it still retains the 3.5 mm jack.

There is no glass finish like a Samsung S8 or iPhone 7, but it comes with a metallic frame and metallic back cover.  The Frontside carries a home button which comes with a fast fingerprint scanner ( can unlock the device in 0.2 seconds).

The OnePlus 5 weighs 153 grams which are slightly lower compared to 158 grams weight for OnePlus 3T.

Camera – This is one area which differentiates a more expensive iPhone or Samsung S8 to all other budget devices by a leap. OnePlus 5 claims that they have been able to make a better camera. Though the company does not claim that it is better compared to iPhone 7 Plus, HTC U11 or Google Pixel but says it comes with Highest resolution rear camera sensors and with a low aperture lens.

OnePlus 5 Launched - Is it a Flagship Killer?

For specs, the Rear camera has Sony IMX398 sensor which has 16 MP resolution, and there is a 20 MP telephoto lens for clicking Zoom shots.  The rear camera lens comes with f 1.7 aperture and f/2.6 aperture (20 MP) sensor.

The lower aperture means better low light images and OnePlus has also said that the Autofocus system on the camera is also improved to capture better images. The camera also comes with portrait mode, Pro mode, and a smart capture mode.

There is no mention of Optical Image Stabilization which is really crucial to take better images, and for videos, it is an absolute must in any camera. There is EIS (electronic image stabilization) which is not an exact replacement for OIS.

The OnePlus 5 comes with a 16 Megapixel front camera which also has a Sony IMX 371 sensor with f/2.0 aperture.

Performance – OnePlus 5 comes with top of the line specs which you can expect from a flagship. It even offers 8 GB of Ram in the higher model with 128 GB storage, while the 6 GB RAM model comes with 64 GB storage.

OnePlus 5 Launched - Is it a Flagship Killer?

The smartphone is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor clocked at 2.45 GHz and has Adreno 540 GPU to take care of graphics-intensive tasks and gaming.

OnePlus during their presentation shared that the storage used is UFS 2.1 which offers faster storage speeds compared to the traditional UFS 2.0 found in most other smartphones.

Overall we can say with the fastest processor and presence of 8 GB RAM makes it the quickest Android phone in the market.

OS and Features – There is Android Nougat 7.1 and Oxygen OS. OnePlus has also added some new features like an extended screenshot capability and a night mode to the smartphone to ensure better user experience.

Display – OnePlus has not done much for the display in the OnePlus 5 as it still ships with a 1080P display panel which is Super AMOLED.  The display comes with 2.5D curved glass, and there is also Corning Gorilla Glass 5 coating to ensure it stays protected.

The 5.5 Inch display panel offers 401 Ppi and comes with conventional 16:9, nothing fancy like an LG G6 or Samsung S8. OnePlus has gone with a more conventional approach with the display and not moved to more bezel-less panels like LG or Samsung.

 Battery Life – The OnePlus 5 comes with a slightly smaller battery (3300 mAH) compared to the OnePlus 3T (3400 mAH). Though it is not too much of a difference and as we pointed out earlier there is a slight reduction in thickness as well from 7.4 mm to 7.25 mm for the OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 Launched - Is it a Flagship Killer?

Though to make things better the OnePlus 5 comes with improved and faster dash charging support which OnePlus claims is miles ahead of Samsung S8.

Connectivity – OnePlus 5 comes with the USB Type-C port and the 3.5 mm headphone jack is also still there. The smartphone comes with Dual Sim Support and has support for 4G LTE as well as VOLTE.

There is no IP rating (waterproof or dust proof) or wireless charging support for the OnePlus 5.

Pricing and availability – Last but not the least, the smartphone is priced at $479 or Rs. 32,000 in the US market. The exact price in India will be shared on 22 June when the smartphone will get launched in India. It will be available for purchase from Amazon India and OnePlus official website in the Indian market.

OnePlus 5 Launched – Is it a Flagship Killer?

OnePlus 5 definitely is great as far as the specs and performance go, but there are some of the things which are missing like wireless charging, OIS or the support for water and dust proofing. The design is also not very original, and camera performance is yet to be reviewed.

Also, we must consider the price for the phone compared to the competition. The Price in India is also not announced, there are more pieces to a flagship killer puzzle than we think and more will be told in coming posts.  Overall as usual if pricing is right for India it is going to be a top seller in this Asian market.

Overall as usual if pricing is right for India it is going to be a top seller in this Asian market. We are expecting a price of Rs. 34,000 for the lower model and Rs. 38,000 for the higher model (8 GB RAM). At that price, it is going to be a good value for money product for many buyers.

At that price, it is going to be a good value for money product for many buyers.

Information Source – OnePlus

Quick Preview and Thoughts On Plus 5 – Value for Money in India?

OnePlus 5 is exclusive to Amazon India, and the first sale is on 22 June 4:30 pm.


Early Leaks OnePlus 5

Big smartphone brands such as LG, Huawei, and Samsung have already announced their first flagship phone for 2017, and it’s time for Chinese brands such as OnePlus, Xiaomi to step into the game.

The OnePlus team has confirmed that the new smartphone will be launched on 20 June 2017. Just 13 More days to go before we are able to see the next flagship phone from OnePlus.

Global Launch Invite for the OnePlus 5

While OnePlus India is also holding an event 2 days after the Global launch for the smartphone. The Indian event is planned on 22 June 2017, at the NSCI Dome, in Mumbai. The Oneplus 5 is likely to get launched on Amazon India on 22 June or close to that date.

India Launch Invite for the Oneplus 5

OnePlus 5 Specs , Rumours, Details and Image Leaks: Round-Up

While Xiaomi Mi 6 is launched on 19th April 2017, with affordable price and Dual camera. OnePlus 5 is looking to follow its schedule and will dominate other smartphone brands with its 2017 flagship killer. The philosophy is going to be same this year – offer an excellent device at an affordable price.

Also confirming all the rumors so far about the name of the next device Oneplus has posted the below image confirming the name as One Plus 5.

One Plus 5 Benchmark leaks have confirmed that the smartphone will come with 8 GB of Ram.

While the One Plus 2 was launched two years back in July and OnePlus 3 got launched in June, we can expect the new OnePlus 5 to launch in next two months. The companies official Weibo account posted the below image on 2/May/2017, hinting at work in progress on the next smartphone, without sharing more details.

Pete Lau, CEO for OnePlus also re-blogged the below image and hinted that the new smartphone would be exciting.

Various rumors suggest that the upcoming flagship phone from OnePlus will be touted as OnePlus 5 instead of being called as OnePlus 4,  and that’s due to a superstition in China regarding number 4. In its homeland, the numerical ‘4’ is considered as ‘Death,’ which is the reason why OnePlus might skip the four suffix for the device.

Flagship killer for 2017 is expected to Launch in 2 months

Other Chinese smartphone vendors such as Vivo also did the same with its ‘V’ series of phones. The company released the Vivo V3 Max onto the market and jumped directly to the Vivo V5 Plus in 2017. However, Xiaomi did not follow these superstitions and released the Xiaomi Mi 4i, Mi 4c, Mi 4, etc. ( Next OnePlus Phone Can be Called OnePlus 5 Here is Why).

Also, at a Chinese regulatory, an unknown OnePlus smartphone with model number A5000 has been spotted, which means that OnePlus is looking to skip the OnePlus 4 and its 2017 flagship would come out with moniker OnePlus 5. Below – OnePlus 5 Leaked Render

Apparently, it’s what speculations were saying from the last two months, and the Chinese company is just sticking to basics with no risk factor involved. At the same time, another leak popped online revealed the dual camera setup on the OnePlus 5.

It’s too early to judge a smartphone specs by just a leaked case as we don’t have any other information regarding the same. However, the OnePlus 5 is speculated to sport dual rear camera various times.

The upcoming OnePlus 5 is also said to come with 5.5-inch Quad HD display with infinity display, same as the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+. At the heart of the phone, a Snapdragon 835 SoC can be seen powering the phone along with the Adreno 540, clubbed with 8 GB of RAM and 64 GB/128 GB/256 GB internal storage.

In yet another update the OnePlus team has partnered with folks at the famous DxOMark for the development of a phenomenal camera for the OnePlus 5.

The partnership with DxO can help the OnePlus 5 leap ahead of high-end flagships and emerge as the best camera phone in the world.

Aforesaid, the phone will feature a dual camera set up at the back alongside a better front-facing camera. The OnePlus 5 will debut sometime in June 2017, which is just two months away from now. So, keep checking this space for more info related to OnePlus 5.

We can expect the price for the OnePlus 5 in the range of $450 to $550 depending on the storage variant. In India, it can cost close to Rs. 32,000.

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