Which OnePlus 5 is Selling More 8 GB or 6 GB RAM – Carl Pei Answers

Are People Buying 8 GB RAM or 6 GB RAM Oneplus 5?

Oneplus 5 was launched on 22 June 2017 on Amazon India and comes in two variants – 6 GB RAM, 64 GB storage and the 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage.

Notably, the 6 GB Ram version costs Rs. 32,999 while the 8 GB Ram version is available for Rs. 37,999. A lot of people are asking this question so which is the high selling for OnePlus out of the two variants.

In an interview with NDTV, founder for OnePlus answered the question. The answer is a bit surprising as he said the 8 GB RAM / 128 GB version is selling more in the global market in comparison to 6 GB ram version.

Which is Selling more in India?

Interestingly, in India people are buying the 6 GB Ram version more than the 8 GB variant. Also, he said that the 8 GB ram version has an outstanding demand in India and is even a big seller at that price point.

Carl Pei said it would have been scary to launch a mobile over Rs. 35,000, 3 to 4 years back and maybe people would not have accepted it. But now a lot of buyers in India are opting for the higher ram version of the OnePlus 5.

Although, personally if you ask me which version I would go for?

I would settle for the 6 GB Ram version with 64 GB storage as the performance gain is negligible for the 8 GB version. Besides, you won’t notice any difference in real life.

Also, it depends if you need more space to store large media files, then I think it is better to opt for the 128 GB version. Go for the 128 GB / 8 GB Ram version for the storage benefit, not for a performance boost due to its additional 2 GB RAM.

Also, Carl Pei said that they underestimated the demand for the 128 GB version and it is selling more than what they expect. Especially in the global markets, there is a lot of demand for the 8 GB ram version.

Carl Pei clarified that they use the Oppo plant to manufacture the Oneplus devices, even the units sold in India. Further, he said it is similar to asking Foxconn to make phones for them. Notably, Foxconn make Apple iPhones, and several other companies also them to make phones.

You can read more on Oneplus 5 top features, or comparison to Nokia 8 here.

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