OnePlus 5 Top 5 Features You Will Love

OnePlus has officially unveiled their flagship smartphone – OnePlus 5. It’s been released globally at $479 (Rs 32,000) for the “Slate Gray” option which packs in 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. Whereas the “Midnight Black” option will set you back for $539 (Rs 35,000) and comes with an insane 8 GB of RAM with 128 GB of storage. Hence, the price difference!


The OnePlus 5 comes with some groovy features which are surefire to win you over.

1) Camera – Sony Dual Cameras

OnePlus has always delivered a spec loaded flagship smartphone but have somewhat fallen short in the optics department. They’ve completely rectified this shortcoming by offering a similar dual camera set-up with a Dual Rear camera similar to the iPhone 7 Plus.

The OP5 flaunts a 16MP sensor with f/1.7 aperture and 20 MP with f/2.6 aperture.

OnePlus 5 Launched With Dual Rear Camera 8 GB RAM SD 835

There are a lot of options like Portrait Mode, a simple camera App UI, PRO mode. At the front, it also has decent 16 MP pixel selfie camera to up the selfie game. All these combined with the Dual rear camera setup with lenses from Sony is going to create a great impression for your social media following.

All these combined with the Dual rear camera setup with lenses from Sony is going to create a great impression for your social media following.

2) Performance – Let’s Beat EveryOne …..

Similar to all the flagships like the Samsung S8 and Xiaomi Mi6 – OnePlus is also offering top of the line spec sheet. While most phones come with either 4 GB RAM or a maximum of 6 GB RAM, Oneplus is a step ahead.  It comes with a whopping 8GB of RAM in a smartphone; most laptops still run with 4 GB of Ram.

OnePlus 5 Top 5 Features You Will Love

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is the summit of mobile processors and offers the fastest performance you can have from any smartphone in 2017. Also, let’s not dwell much into the benchmark controversy. It is still the best hardware in any phone.

3) Software – Smooth ….. Super Smooth…

An optimised software is a foundation of providing a lag-free experience. While Samsung, Huawei, LG are busy adding too many things to stock Android. OnePlus has managed to take the stock Android, one step further.

Oxygen OS OnePlus 5

OnePlus has managed to keep things in control and add only a few relevant features. The overall app opening times are snappy, transitions and animations look smoother, and they’ve surely improved the touch latency performance. The UI and UX are clutter free and offers minimalist experience.

4) Dash Charge – Unmatched Speed

There have been plenty of fast charging options in the market. Some from Qualcomm and some are proprietary. The Dash Charge is exclusive to OnePlus and users can avail the speedy charging rates only with their proprietary charger and cable.

Dash Charging One Plus 5

Although, once everybody uses it; it’s real difficult to go back to the normal 5V2A charging speeds. OnePlus’s slogan,          “A day’s power in half and hour” totally lives up to the expectations. It not only charges the device upto 60% in 30min, but it’s also able to charge rapidly while in one’s using it. It’s certainly faster than the Turbo Charging from Motorola, Fast Adaptive charging from Samsung and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0.

5) Design – Copying is not always bad ….

When the official leak by OnePlus broke the internet with an iPhone-esque design, tech enthusiasts were appalled. Although, I think if you can really deliver a better version of the best smartphone out there, then, why not imitate it.

Companies like Oppo and Vivo have been doing that for years, but they weren’t delivering a flagship smartphone. OnePlus has tried to make it look slightly different to iPhone 7 Plus by introducing a thinner bevelled edge, to which they’re calling, “horizon”.

That sharp edge looks distinctive with the rest of the curved aesthetics. The OnePlus 5 is able to pack all the goodies with dual camera and a commendable 3300mAh battery in a nutshell which measures in at just 7.25 mm thickness.

No matter it looks like an iPhone 7 Plus, but it is a stunner.

Can Check More about the OnePlus 5 Design and making of OnePlus 5 story in the below Video

Those were the top 5 features of OnePlus 5, although this doesn’t mean it’s a perfect smartphone one can buy. There are some shortcomings like the lack of an IP rating, Wireless charging, Bezel-less display, non-expandable storage.

The smartphone will be unveiled in India on 22 June, stay tuned for some more updates on OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 is exclusive to Amazon India, and the first sale is on 22 June 4:30 pm.

Amazon Sale OnePlus 5

Top 5 Features For OnePlus 5 Explained – in Hindi

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