Next OnePlus Phone Can be Called OnePlus 5 Here is Why

OnePlus has been doing great and companies philosophy to provide great user experience and top of the line specs at affordable price is paying dividends. There last offering One Plus 3 and the One Plus 3T has been most popular smartphones in the 30K price range.

To continue the legacy, OnePlus is getting ready to release their next flagship OnePlus 5 in the market in some months.

Yes I can understand you would be wondering where is the OnePlus 4.  Are Candytech guys getting ahead in time and skipping the One Plus 4

Although, there’s a strong reason behind this which makes a lot of sense for the Chinese.

Next OnePlus Phone Can be Called OnePlus 5 Here is Why


The number “4” is considered “unlucky” in China and hence there’s a good chance of OnePlus skipping the number “4” for their next smartphone. In China Lots of buildings don’t have floor number as 4, 14 , 24 or 34. Somehow the number 4 is believed to be associated to death. That’s really unlucky and if OnePlus founders believe in the superstition as a report from China Claims.

You can read more about the Number Significance in the Chinese Culture Here.

This is quite intriguing as we even have Vivo which skipped the V4 and released V5 & V5 Max instead. Although, another Chinese company like Xiaomi has released a lot of phones with the number “4” in it; ie. Redmi Note 4, Mi 4, Mi 4i and etc.

OnePlus 5 Expected Specs and Release Date

Moving on, OnePlus is going to do a Samsung this time. It means, that the OnePlus 5 might feature a curved display like the Samsung phones.

Specifications are the USP of OnePlus, they’ve always packed in the latest and greatest in their flagship devices. Hence, there are high chances that they might wait and delay the release in order to get the all-new Snapdragon 835 chipset.

Notably, Samsung is waiting to pack in the latest SOC in their upcoming flagships and are ramping up the production in order to achieve that. Sony has also released their flagship of the year at the MWC event, XZ Premium which is also driven by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

OnePlus is also rumored to use 8 GB of RAM in the next flagship. A bump up of 2 GB of RAM will make it join the ranks of Asus Zenfone AR which is going to come with 8 GB RAM. We will have to wait and see if OnePlus participates more in the specs war or focus on the user experience.

The optics will also see an upgrade with 16 MP selfie shooter and a whopping 23 MP at the rear. Along with OIS, and hopefully Laser assisted autofocus.

As always leaks are leaks and should be absorbed with grain of salt we will get more news as the phone is expected to come in June or July 2017.

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