Oneplus 6 is coming and we need it fast?

We saw some big launches at the Mobile World Congress and the most important of those were the Galaxy S9 and S9 plus by Samsung. Though these new Samsung phones are great and come with features like the variable camera aperture and 3D emojis, but these are expensive.

For starter, the Samsung S9 costs Rs. 57,900 and the S9 Plus is available for Rs. 64,900.


Even the new Huawei P20 Pro is an expensive phone at (Rs. 64,999).

A lot of people want a great phone but they also don’t want a hole in the pocket. Oneplus is the brand that understands this need and makes phones that are affordable yet offer flagship performance.

As per a recent report by IDC (International Data Corporation) Oneplus witnessed over 1000% growth in the Indian market and holds 48% share in the premium segment.

OnePlus 6 Leaks and Expectations

The Oneplus 5T is the current flagship and is currently doing great in the market. It has nearly everything you want from a high-end device. It offers a bezel-less FHD+ display, top of the line Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor, good dual cameras, and latest Oreo OS from Google.


Nevertheless, as per the latest leaked images and specs we are expecting things to become significantly better in the upcoming OnePlus 6.

The most discernable change is the shift from metallic design to glass back. Oneplus has used glass back design in the Oneplus X, a non-flagship device.

Oneplus 6
OnePlus 6 Image – Source Facebook

The second noticeable change is the dual rear camera placement. It is now in the center and is aligned vertically, similar to the iPhone X, or the Samsung S9 Plus. However, the flash is below the Dual rear cameras, above the fingerprint scanner.

Samsung S9 Plus

Another big reason for the camera placement change can be enabling OIS on both the rear cameras, similar to the iPhone X. Notably, the current Oneplus 5T comes with OIS for only one rear camera lens.

 The Ugly Notch

Coming to the display, it is likely to come with a notch similar to the iPhone X. We like it or not but the Android manufacturers are embracing the ugly notch and it is going to be part of any future phones.

There are rumors that Apple may remove it may be in upcoming phones but so far there is no confirmation.

Recently, at the MWC 2018, Asus unveiled the new Zenphone 5 and 5Z that comes with a similar design like the iPhone X. There are several other phones that are coming with the notch design – Vivo V9, Oppo F7 and Ulephone T2 Pro and Leagoo S9.

We are expecting plenty more devices to use the notch design. Even the next Android version “P” comes with support for the notch, making it easier for the handset makers to add it.


Is the Notch useless? 

The benefit of the notch design is, it allows a lot of space for sensors and front camera. Especially when the phones are becoming more bezel-less, space at the front is limited, and notch helps to fit essential parts in the space.

Also, if you observe carefully the Oneplus 6 looks taller, one of the reason can be it uses the 19:9 aspect ratio similar to the Asus Zenfone 5 (2018). The 19:9 aspect ratio helps you watch 18:9 videos and content without a cutout for the notch. Also, the OnePlus 6 comes with a similar 6.28 Inch display with FHD+ resolution (2160*1080) pixels.

The Carl PIE Headphone Jack Survey

Since Carl Pei, co-founder of Oneplus is convinced that people want the 3.5 mm headphone jack, it is likely that Oneplus 6 will come with it.  It is a good thing company is listening to feedback and what people want.

On the other hand, Sony recently removed the headphone jack on the Xperia XZ2 mostly due to focus on wireless headphones and to make it more futuristic like the iPhone.

Also, they said that their designers wanted to create a seamless ambient flow design.

OnePlus is the New Apple of Marketing

If we look at the Aditi Hydari shoot for Vogue magazine using Oneplus 6, it shows how the company is marketing the new Oneplus 6.

Performance benchmark and other features

Also, as per recent leaks from Android Central, we have some benchmark scores for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 used in the Oneplus 6.

The scores are insanely high even in comparison to iPhone X (224,567) or the Samsung S9 Plus (243,367). On the other hand, the Oneplus 5T scores 179,730, so it is a significant bump in the Antutu benchmark performance.

It is likely the Oneplus 6 will come with 6 GB / 8 GB Ram, we are not expecting a 10 GB or 12 GB ram version.

Oneplus 6 Antutu
Oneplus 6 Antutu benchmark Image source Android Central

The internal storage space for the base model can be 64 GB and the higher version can have 128 GB.

Other notable feature can be the addition of wireless charging since the metal back cover restricts the wireless charging, the change to glass back design could facilitate this.


Also, Carl Pei recently tweeted and confirmed that the OnePlus 6 has a waterproof design, so we are expecting an IP67 rating.

OnePlus Launch Price India an Interesting Study

OnePlus Phone launch Price has consistently increased with each launch in India. And we suspect that Oneplus 6 will cost more than the Oneplus 5T, thanks to a more premium glass design, better camera, and a probable addition of wireless charging support.

Let’s have a look back at how the price for Oneplus phones has changed over the years:

Launch Price and Date of All OnePlus Phones in India
Launch Price and Date of All OnePlus Phones in India
ModelLaunch DateIndia Price (Rs.)
Oneplus 12, December 201421,999
Oneplus 228, July 201524,999
14, June 201627,999
Oneplus 3T02,December 201629,999
OnePlus 527, June 201732,999
OnePlus 5T28, November 201732,999
Oneplus 616, May 201835,999


The OnePlus 6 is launching on 16th May on Amazon India and it can have a slightly higher price in comparison to the earlier models. The lower variant can cost Rs. 35,999 while the higher version can cost Rs. 39,999.

Back in 2014, Oneplus started with affordable pricing, now since the brand is established in many global markets, it is starting to charge a slight premium for the devices.

Still, these phones are available for half the price of Samsung or Google Flagship. iPhone X is a different story and beyond the reach of many buyers.

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