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Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Creative Muvo Mini


Review Creative Muvo Mini 

These are portable Bluetooth speakers ideal companion to pair with your smartphone using Bluetooth for listening to music outdoors or indoors.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Creative Muvo Mini

The speakers are priced at Rs. 3100. They have a neat design and very easy to handle and use.  The speakers also have IP66 certifications which means these are dust and water resistant and can be easily used outside in any weather.

You can easily carry them along with you to an outbound tour or use them at a pool party without worrying about water damage.

Design – The best feature that the Creative Muvo Mini, is its no-nonsense, simple, subtle design. The speakers are available in 4 colors Grey, White, Red, and Blue.  Our review unit was grey and had a matte soft rubberized finish which makes the speaker non-slippery.

At the front of the speakers is a pentagonal meshed grill which adds to the looks of the speaker.

muvo-mini Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker creative-Muvo-mini creative-muvo-mini-1 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Creative Muvo Mini Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The top side has 4 simple buttons for Power, Bluetooth on/off and pairing, Volume Up and down. There is a green light indicator at the top which lits up when the speaker is on.

  • Dimensions – 190x37x59mm
  • Weight – 282 grams

Speakers are not so small to carry them in a trouser pocket, but you can easily carry them in a small bag or even your laptop bag.

Key Features

  • Subtle Design
  • NFC Support
  • Water Proof IP66
  • Dust Proof
  • Good Battery Life

10 Hours Battery Life – We used the speakers for 2 days without any need for a charge, we can easily conclude it has more than 8 hours of battery life through creative says, you can get 10 hours of Battery Life.

Sound Quality

This is something everyone looks forward to when buying the speakers other than all the features.

The speakers come with 2 Full Range Micro Drivers and a front bass radiator to add extra bass and loud sound output.

We paired the speakers with the Google Nexus 5X, by enabling the Bluetooth radio on the smartphone and you will need to long press the Bluetooth button on the speakers for little long to facilitate pairing.

The Creative Muvo Mini has good sound output. The treble and bass are both good but not extraordinary with the speakers. We played some of the popular songs like the Maroon – Sugar and the latest numbers from Adele’s album.

The mids are good; lows are at time depressed and highs are also reasonably clear to hear. The speakers do what they are intended to do and with grace.

Electronica, pop, and rock music also play quite efficiently on the MUVO mini.

The sound output is good but not comparable to the 3.5 mm driver speakers, which is always the case with the Bluetooth speakers.

We played a few movie dialogues and sound was clear to hear the dialogues without missing much.

The speakers are pleasant to listen to music in a room; you can’t expect much to use it for a huge gathering.

They are ideal for few friends having a get-together and want to enhance the Audio from a smartphone or a Laptop.

The Speakers can also be used for calling and receiving calls; there is a built-in microphone which works flawlessly.

We poured some water on the speakers to see if it impacts them in any way, glad to report there was no issue with the speakers. However, would not recommend you to submerge it in water


  • Good Sound Quality
  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • Portable and easy to carry


  • Treble is just okay

Overall – If you are looking for a portable speaker with water and dust resistance the Creative Muvo Mini is a good choice. The speakers are comparable to the JBL Flip 2 and the Anker MP 141 speakers in this price range. Creative also have Muvo 10 and Creative Muvo 20 in the similar price range. 

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