Outrageously Cheap 1 GB Ram 3G Smartphone Price Below Rs 1000

Docoss X1 is a budget smartphone everyone wants. Unheard brand Docoss has a crazy deal for everyone, is it a trick or not, time will tell.

They are offering a Quad-Core processor, 1 GB RAM smartphone for just Rs. 888 which actually may cost in the market above Rs. 3,000.

Cheap 1 GB Ram 3G Smartphone Price Below Rs 1000

Memories are still fresh about the Freedom 251 smartphone which literally broke the internet; not only in India but across the world with a Rs. 250 smartphone. Even the Chinese mobile manufacturers were traumatized after hearing the news of a smartphone that was cheaper than a McDonald’s combo meal.

Egregiously, Ringing Bells bought 1000 units of Adcom smartphone at an actual cost of 3600 and wanted to sell it for Rs. 250. FIR was filed against the company even Adcom founder criticized and vehemently opposed the Ringing Bells for dragging them in the controversy.

The booking money went through the payment gateway Payubiz and they have been holding on to the funds. And only if Ringing bells deliver the smartphone the company will get its hands on the money. While we are eagerly waiting to see how Ringing Bells is going to deliver the Rs. 251 smartphone,  another Indian company Docoss based at Rajasthan is teasing a smartphone for just Rs. 888

Like Ringing Bells, they to have advertised in national newspapers. And the company also holds a website for their new product Docoss X1.

The Docoss X1 smartphone comes with the following specs:

It has a 4-inch screen, with WVGA resolution.

There is a  1.2GHz Dual-core processor and 1 GB RAM.  The rear camera is a 2.0MP shooter & there is a  0.3MP front camera.

The battery capacity of the smartphone is 1300 mAh.

The smartphone is priced at Rs. 888  and similar to Freedom 251, the smartphone can be booked through its official website, and each user can book up to 3 devices.

Cheap 1 GB Ram 3G Smartphone Price Below Rs 1000

Bookings are closed on Friday and the smartphone will be delivered starting from May 2, it is not a long time as compared to Freedom 251.

And if you have no faith to pay the money, the company is also providing cash on delivery option for buyers.

Is it possible to deliver a smartphone at this price?

When we take a smartphone with similar hardware specifications of Freedom 251 and Docoss X1 the cost is around Rs. 2500 to 3000. They are selling it at a loss of 50% to 90%.

But Why?

Plausible, answer I can think is this is the best viral marketing strategy. To burn few crores and get 10X more advertising. If Docoss would have launched it at Rs. 2500 we would not have covered it, neither would have other major websites and media.

They will sell few units and then will rationalize the price later on.

Should you buy one?  if you have plenty of money to throw away then you should give it a try, if not then invest in a good brand of mobile which will also come with after sales service and will have better quality.

5 Reasons it is a Fake!

  1. Appalling Unprofessional Website.(www.Docoss.com)
  2. Customer care numbers are not working.
  3. About Us page is blank.
  4. No Business Model, Not a trusted brand.
  5. Sounds too good to be true.


Key Specs of Docoss X1

  • Screen – 4 inch (480*800 pixels)
  • Processor – 1.3 GHz dual-core
  • RAM – 1 GB
  • Storage – 4 GB
  • Camera – 2 MP rear, 0.3 MP front
  • Battery – 1300 mAh
  • Connectivity – 3G

Do you think these two companies will deliver the smartphone, or are you going to book one? Share your views in the comments.

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