PC Gaming Industry is Doing Good Says Ubisoft Sales Charts

Ubisoft PC Games Sales Volume Tells the Story – For those who have been extra critical of the PC Gaming industry, may be surprised to see the PC Games number from the leading Game creator Ubisoft. The Ubisoft studio announced their last Quarter financial numbers and PC games contribute 23% of the total sales revenue earned by the Ubisoft.


Based on the Revenue Contribution of Ubisoft for Q1 2015 here is the comparison Vs the Q1 2014:

PlatformQ1 2015 ShareQ1 2014 ShareChange %
Play station 311%17%-6%
Play station 427%36%-9%
Xbox 36011%14%-3%
Xbox One11%17%-6%

PC Gaming Industry is Doing Good – The PC sales contribution has grown from 14% to 23% which is a healthy sign for the PC industry.

The Overall revenue for the group is 96.6 million Euros and which is down by a significant percentage of 73.2% Vs the same period last year.

Last year the revenue for the first quarter was 360 million Euros which was mostly due to the top selling game Watch Dogs.

Xbox One contributes 11% Vs the PS4 27% which is a major indicator of PS4 popularity world wide.


The Geographical Break Down for Games Sales Revenue is as follows:

Region                           % Sales Contribution  

Europe                           43%

North America             37%

Rest of the World        20%

In the rest of the world also the major contributor are Russia, China, Korea and Japan. Countries like India, Pakistan have a very low contribution to the Games sold. However things will change if the Game Developer and PC Hardware Companies reduce the obnoxiously higher price for low earning developing countries.

Ubisoft was expecting a revenue of 80 million Euros which was surpassed due to strong sales figures by Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs, The Crew and the Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Rainbow Six Ubisoft

Yves Guillemot, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said “E3 2015 confirmed that the video games industry is in excellent shape. Gamers’ immense enthusiasm for the games presented at the show promises to maintain the current strong growth dynamic in the PC and console market. Ubisoft presented its strongest line-up ever, garnering very positive gamer feedback for our franchises’ latest opuses, including Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Ghost Recon Wildlands and Rainbow Six Siege, as well as for our new brands For Honor and The Division.

The gaming industry is evolving and we may get to see some more action in the PC gaming with the Windows 10 release. Windows 10 will bring the much anticipated DirectX 12 API which will also improve the performance of PC Games by upto 20% or more.

The new games will be able to have much more Draw Calls and gaming experience is going to become even more rich on the PC platform.

Overall PC Sales are Not Growing

In another report released by Gartner a global data research consultancy the PC sales has gone down in the second Quarter by 9.8% vs the previous quarter.

The major reason for the same was a significant growth which was seen last year due to the increase in the sales volume for PC due to end of support for Windows XP last year. Due to the end of support last year a lot of companies purchased new PC’s with latest OS last year.

The current PC market is ruled by Lenovo with 19.7% market share, followed by HP with 17.4% market share and dell with a share of 14%.

The second major reason for the overall PC sales drop was the appreciation of the dollar Vs other currencies which has also led to the decline in PC sale shipments both for laptops as well desk PC’s.

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