Play Any High End Game on Your Low End PC or Mac

Sounds strange how can that be possible if the low end PC or mac don’t have the graphics card or muscle to play the game. It is possible, with the new GeForce Now service that Nvidia has showcased at the CES 2017.

The GeForce Now service is aimed at Gamers looking for a solution to play high end AAA game titles like GTA 5 or Assassin Creed Syndicate on their Mac or PC but don’t have the resources. Nvidia has unveiled a new service for such users called as the GeForce Now.

GeForce Now basically runs the game on the Nvidia Cloud Gaming Computers and stream it to your PC or Mac, sounds futuristic ….. it is !!

Play Any High End Game on Your Low End PC or Mac

The service was so far available for the Nvidia Shield users which Now Nvidia Plans to bring for the PC and Mac users. But before we get all ecstatic, there is a price, a rather big price to pay for the service. Nvidia is offering 20 hours of game play for $25. Seems expensive to me it is better to invest in a graphics card rather than the service.

At the event @ CES 2017 Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun, played the Rise of Tomb raider on an iMac , and the Graphics intensive game worked well on the machine using the Ge Force Live, which otherwise would not have been possible.

Though Nvidia Says the service is meant for casual gamers who don’t want to play hours and hours but play once in few days. Mr Jen Hsun it would be great if you can drop the price when the service gets launched in the developing countries like India.

Though it don’t look lucrative with current pricing but certainly it gives access to PC gaming for lot of Mac users around the globe, who don’t have an inclination to build a new gaming PC.  If you don’t want any of that and still want to play some good PC games you may try these – 30 Best Low Requirement Specs PC Games for PC or Laptop.

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