Prankster Names Wifi Hotspot Samsung Note 7, Scares and Delays Flight

Though the Samsung Note 7 is dead and Samsung Electronics is expecting everyone to forget about it and move on. There are small incidents around the globe which continue to ignite the fire again.

Prankster Names Wifi Hotspot Samsung Note 7

In a Virgin Atlantic US Flight, a passenger named the WIFI Hotspot as Samsung Note 7 , though he was not carrying an actual Samsung Note 7 device. Another passenger on the same flight, while looking for a hotspot found the Samsung Note 7 Wifi connection. He then quickly alerted the crew and tweeted about the incident.

The Cabin crew and the pilot made the announcements, that the Samsung Note 7 is not allowed on board US flights. The crew said till the device is not found they are not going to take off, and the flight is going to be delayed.

After some commotion, the pranksters told the crew that they have just named the hotspot as Samsung Note 7 for fun. While there is no Samsung Note 7 device on board the flight. Though the incident caused a minor delay, no legal action is taken against the mischievous pranksters.

While Samsung Note 7 is already dead and Samsung has replaced most of the Note 7 devices, there are still some of the Note 7 devices out there which are thought to be dangerous. As the exploding batteries can cause series injuries to people around.

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