Price List All Latest Smartphones India 2015

Every now and then we require the latest prices for smartphones to make a comparison. Here is a list of 60 latest smartphones with current price details updated on 18 August 2015. We have chosen some of the best selling Android and Apple smartphones in this list. These smartphones are available with the online retailers like Amazon, Snapdeal or Flipkart. You can purchase all of them from these online retailers.

Price List All Latest Smartphones India 2015

We continue to monitor the prices and add the latest smartphones which are launched on this list. To ensure that this list doesn’t become too long we also remove smartphones which are no longer best selling or are not value for money.

The list also has a budget range classifying smartphones in budget starting from say under Rs. 5000 to above Rs. 30000 so you can simply use the list in any way you want to check out all smartphone in a range.  We are also planning to add a Candytech rating against each smartphone on a scale of 5.0. To help you choose the highest rated smartphones, which offer good value for money.

This list will get updated every 1-3 days to ensure the latest prices are displayed and also new mobiles launched in the Indian market are added. This price list for mobile phones can be used as reference however you may need to check the price with the online retailer at the time of purchase, as prices are dynamic and subject to change frequently.

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This is a comprehensive Price list of the smartphone in India on 4th May 2015. Compare Different brands of smartphones based on the budget.

Latest Price List All Mobiles India August 2015

Sr. NoBudget RangeBrandSmartphonePrice (Rs.)As On DateAvailable On Website
1Under Rs. 5000InfocusInfocus M2499918-Aug-15Snapdeal
2Under Rs. 6000MicromaxMicromax Canvas A1519218-Aug-15Snapdeal
3Under Rs. 4000MotorolaMotorola Moto E Gen 1 3G399918-Aug-15Flipkart
4Under Rs. 7000MotorolaMotorola Moto E Gen 2 3G599918-Aug-15Flipkart
5Under Rs. 8000MotorolaMotorola Moto E Gen 2 4G699918-Aug-15Flipkart
6Under Rs. 12000MotorolaMotorola Moto G Gen 2 3G999918-Aug-15Flipkart
7Under Rs. 30000MotorolaMotorola Moto X Gen 22399918-Aug-15Flipkart
8Under Rs. 8000LenovoLenovo A 6000762018-Aug-15Flipkart
9Under Rs. 8000LenovoLenovo A 6000 Plus749918-Aug-15Flipkart
10Under Rs. 11000LenovoLenovo A 70001099918-Aug-15Flipkart
11Under Rs. 20000LenovoLenovo Vibe X21629018-Aug-15Flipkart
12Under Rs. 6000MicromaxMicromax Unite 2599918-Aug-15 Flipkart
13Under Rs. 25000GoogleGoogle Nexus 52290018-Aug-15 Flipkart
14Above Rs. 30000GoogleGoogle Nexus 63499918-Aug-15 Flipkart
15Under Rs. 30000AppleApple iPhone 52949918-Aug-15 Flipkart
16Above Rs. 30000AppleApple iPhone 5s3620018-Aug-15 Flipkart
17Above Rs. 30000AppleApple iPhone 64449518-Aug-15 Flipkart
18Above Rs. 30000AppleApple iPhone 6 Plus6252418-Aug-15 Flipkart
19Under Rs. 5000MicromaxMicromax Canvas Spark499918-Aug-15Snapdeal
20Under Rs. 10000MicromaxMicromax Yu Yureka899918-Aug-15Amazon
21Under Rs. 25000One Plus OneOne Plus One2199918-Aug-15Flipkart
22Under Rs. 6000XiaomiXiaomi Redmi 1S599918-Aug-15Flipkart
23Under Rs. 7000XiaomiXiaomi Redmi 2599918-Aug-15Flipkart
24Under Rs. 10000XiaomiRedmi Note 4G799918-Aug-15Flipkart
25Under Rs. 15000XiaomiXiaomi Mi4i1299918-Aug-15Flipkart
26Under Rs. 20000XiaomiXiaomi Mi4 (16 GB)1499918-Aug-15Flipkart
27Under Rs. 25000XiaomiXiaomi Mi4 (64 GB)1799918-Aug-15Flipkart
28Under Rs. 6500XoloXolo One619918-Aug-15Flipkart
29Under Rs. 8000XoloXolo 8X955018-Aug-15Flipkart
30Under Rs. 18000XoloXolo Q30001727218-Aug-15Flipkart
31Under Rs. 6000XoloQ700s585018-Aug-15Flipkart
32Under Rs. 8000LavaIRIS X8774018-Aug-15Flipkart
33Under Rs. 15000SamsungSamsung Galaxy Grand Max1149018-Aug-15Snapdeal
34Under Rs. 21000SamsungSamsung A52059718-Aug-15  Snapdeal
35Under Rs. 25000SamsungSamsung A72500018-Aug-15  Snapdeal
36Under Rs. 20000SamsungSamsung E71740018-Aug-15Flipkart
37Under Rs. 15000SamsungSamsung E51490018-Aug-15Flipkart
38Above Rs. 30000SamsungSamsung Alpha2389018-Aug-15Flipkart
39Under Rs. 30000SamsungSamsung Galaxy S52290018-Aug-15Flipkart
40Under Rs. 20000SamsungSamsung Galaxy S41590018-Aug-15Flipkart
41Above Rs. 30000SamsungSamsung Note 32872018-Aug-15Flipkart
42Under Rs. 21000SamsungSamsung Note 3 Neo2099018-Aug-15   Snapdeal
43Above Rs. 30000SamsungSamsung Note 44150018-Aug-15Flipkart
44Above Rs. 30000SamsungSamsung Note Edge4850018-Aug-15Flipkart
45Above Rs. 30000SamsungSamsung Galaxy S64190018-Aug-15Flipkart
46Above Rs. 30000SamsungSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge5350018-Aug-15Flipkart
47Under Rs. 10000HTCHTC Desire 526G+957918-Aug-15Flipkart
48Under Rs. 20000HTCHTC Desire 620G1183418-Aug-15 Snapdeal
50Under Rs.20000HTCHTC Desire 626G+1527018-Aug-15Amazon
51Under Rs. 25000HTCHTC Desire 8202400018-Aug-15Flipkart
52Under Rs. 30000HTCHTC Desire 8262450018-Aug-15Flipkart
53Above Rs. 30000HTCHTC One M82829118-Aug-15Flipkart
54Above Rs. 30000HTCHTC One M93869918-Aug-15Amazon
55Under Rs. 12000HuaweiHuawei Honor 4X999918-Aug-15Flipkart
56Under Rs. 20000HuaweiHuawei Honor 61499918-Aug-15Flipkart
57Under Rs. 27000HuaweiHuawei Honor 6 Plus2649918-Aug-15Flipkart
58HuaweiHonor 4CNA18-Aug-15N/A
59Under Rs. 12000MicrosoftLumia 640899918-Aug-15Flipkart
60Under Rs. 15000MicrosoftLumia 640 XL1429918-Aug-15 Flipkart

Let’s Look at some more suggestions if you are looking for Android Lollipop Smartphones or Smartphones with 2 GB RAM.

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  1. i want to buy a quality phone under 8000 . . . having 2gb ram , good processor , good camera . . . . .
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  2. main 8000 ka mobile lena chata hu jo slim ho aur 2gd ram wala aur bettary stand by assa hona chaeye


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