Prisma Hits Google Play Store – Download Now

Prisma Hits Google Play Store - Download Now

Prisma one of the much Hyped mobile app is now released for Android. The photo editing App was first released for IOS creating a craze among apple users for the last few weeks. Now its spreading over to Android users since the launch of the App on Google play store.

The App was created by Russian developer Alexy Moiseenkov and hit the web last month, the App went viral ever since the launch on Apple store and crossed over 10 million installs on IOS,  as a result of the huge publicity received from IOS it got a kick start on Android too.

The concept behind this Prisma app is, that it can convert any photos into paintings that looks a like those of famous artists, Picaso , Levitan. Unlike other photo editing apps,  Prisma digs in deep with the photos and claims to be running on Artificial intelligence and neural networks which is capable of reading and learning from experience . this may sound little quirky at first, but the actual AI based photo processing takes place on the cloud.

The App comes with 36 effects , and these ones are little different from a normal filters that come with other photography apps.

The App comes with a UI that’s similar to most of the photography App, the main screen shows a Camera view with controls, and settings below. The user can take a new image with the in-built camera, or choose one already taken.

After selection the app shows a set of filters and preview of the selected filter.

The photos are scanned by AI and the best effect relating to the photo’s subject is applied and sent back to the user. The App Reads and learns the photo and combines the actual photo with a second image with artistic pattern, the result will look like an art made by Artists. say,  a Picasso style filter will make your photo look like an art made by Picasso. This is totally different thing as compared to normal photo filters, were a pre-defined pattern of effects were applied.

Though the results were great as compared to other apps, it wont work without a proper internet connection.  since the processing takes place on servers, users were getting error notice and “Prisma is over capacity” notifications due to the heavy traffic. some times photo processing takes little long, but the worst part is the processing doesn’t runs in the background. so you have to stay on the app until your Artwork is complete.

Click Here to Download the Prisma App For Android.

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