Rapoo V110 Review – Affordable Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Under 2K

Rapoo V110 Review – Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

There are a lot of different type of keyboards that you can buy in the affordable price range below 2K and the Rapoo V110 is one of them. So, if you are building a low-cost gaming PC, then it is essential to have a cool looking keyboard and mouse on your table.

It not only adds style and Oomph factor to the Gaming setup but is even handy in games to give you a little extra advantage.


If you play FPS games the additional switches on the mouse can help you swap weapons faster, it makes a difference in games like CS: GO or my favorite Battlefield.

Besides, the dedicated navigation keys with some anti-ghosting capabilities make driving pleasure in the latest Need for Speed title.

You can opt for a wireless keyboard and mouse combination if you want to have a cleaner desk. But if you want to game there are many affordable wired keyboard and mouse combinations available.

Moreover, if you have a higher budget you can opt for a mechanical Gaming keyboard and high DPI mouse.

But Today, we’ll check out the Rapoo V110 Wired Gaming keyboard and mouse combination and its top features.


It comes nicely packed inside a cardboard box, and apart from the gaming mouse and keyboard, there is a keys plucker.

Here is the close look at the keyboard

Rapoo-V110-Review-image-7- Rapoo-V110-Review-image-1- Rapoo-V110-Review-image-4

Keyboard Design & Ergonomics

It is a full-size keyboard with a dedicated numeric and navigation keys on the right side.

Moreover, there is a fixed wrist rest which is mostly missing on the low-cost gaming keyboards. But thankfully V110 has it, making it more comfortable for extended typing and gaming sessions.

Also, some high-end gaming keyboards come with a detachable wrist rest which is not the case with this keyboard.

The keys look as if they are mechanical, however, these are standard membrane type keys. The discernible difference between Mechanical and membrane keys is the actuation force (force required to press the keys) and the tactile feedback.

Notably, the keys have proper spacing, so you don’t accidentally press the wrong keys. In fact, the keys have a slight curvature so that your fingers don’t slip while typing or playing games. It is something essential and desirable on any keyboard.

I have the black colored V110, but you can even buy it in white color.

The keyboard comes with a sufficiently long wire that you can effortlessly plug into any USB ports at the back of your PC.

You can use either the USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports to connect the keyboard, and it works straight out of the box without the need for installing any drivers or software.

Mouse Design & Ergonomics

Here is a Close Look at the Gaming Mouse.

Rapoo-V110-Review-image-2 Rapoo-V110-Review-image-6- Rapoo-V110-Review-image-8

Undoubtedly, the mouse looks more high quality in comparison to the keyboard. It even glows more and is a more flashy accessory to have on your desk.

Moreover, it comes with a dedicated DPI switch at the top that lets you change the sensitivity even in the middle of a game.

There is a rubberized, ribbed mouse-wheel that is ergonomic and helps to scroll easily.

It has roots like pattern at the top that ooze out different color lights.

Further, on both the sides, the mouse has rubberized grip and it is contoured to fit in your hand snugly. Moreover, it is ideal for right-handed gamers.

Also, there are two programmable keys on the right side that are effective for quick navigation and switching weapons in the game.

All the keys and buttons have a nice clicky feel; without the need for applying a lot of pressure.

Lastly, the mouse cable is long to ensure you can easily plug it at the back of your rig.

Keyboard Experience

I use a Mechanical keyboard from G.Skills, and my fingers are more used to the clicky feel.

However, I started using this keyboard almost two weeks back, and it is plugged into my second PC currently.

It is an enjoyable experience as the keys are easy to click and the design makes it ergonomic for playing games and even typing.

I have played CS: GO and Need for speed on the keyboard and found it to be responsive as well as less tiring in comparison to some other membrane keyboards.

The backlight helps to spot the keys with ease but if you turn it off the letter markings are less visible due to the blue color print and font used.

It does not come with any special software to change the backlight experience or even increase or lower the amount of illumination.

Moreover, you have 4 choices for backlighting, and you can’t change the color of the set keys.

Lastly, the keyboard comes with some nifty media controls for quick access to volume, homepage, play/pause, etc.

Mouse Experience


The mouse is large and bigger than my Logitech mice, but it is comfortable to use and ergonomically designed.

In fact, it comes with an adjustable DPI (1000/1600/2400/3200), and you can quickly change it using the dedicated switch. Also, the DPI switch doubles up for changing mouse backlight colors.

You have seven color choices, and the breathing light looks dope in the dark.

I played Battlefield 3 and CS: GO and it took me some time to adjust to the new mouse.

Also, after switching the DPi for 10 minutes, I settled for lower sensitivity, and that helped in aiming.

Overall, the gaming experience is enjoyable and you can bank on it for some killer headshots.

Concluding thoughts: Rapoo V110 Review

Major PROs
  1. It is affordable and good value for money.
  2. Looks superb and can add style Quotient to a Gaming setup.
  3. The backlight is appreciable on both the devices and works faultlessly.
  4. The wrist rest helps to work on it for long without getting tired.

Major Cons

  1. It is still a membrane keyboard, and you may have to dial down your expectations.
  2. Difficult to spot the letters when the backlight is off.

Should You Buy it?

The Rapoo V110 is an affordable gaming keyboard and mouse which ticks a lot of right boxes and meets our expectations.

Considering the low price, it is an excellent addition if you are looking for a keyboard and mouse combo in the Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000 price range.

Thanks for reading the review, if you have any queries you can share them in the comments below.

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