Razer Ventures into Smartphones with Nextbit TakeOver

NextBit was born couple of years back when Tom Moss, Mike Chan and Scott Croyle, ex-employees of Google and HTC came together . The dream was to build something unconventional, something out of the box , something exciting.

Their first smartphone NextBit Robin, did all of that, and was applauded for unique design, and it’s cloud first philosophy. You can read more about the NextBit and the NextBit Robbin smartphone here.

Razer Ventures into Smartphones with Nextbit TakeOver

NextBit also launched the smartphone in India, back in May 2016, and it was received well by many enthusiasts, for being different.

Now the startup is acquired by the Gaming hardware giant Razer. The financial numbers and terms of the acquisition are kept under wraps for now.

But Razer has said that the NextBit brand will continue to exist and would continue to offer warranty support to buyers.

The NextBit will continue to operate as an independent unit but will be guided by the Razer management.

Will we see Razer branded smartphones and tablets in near future? Razer says, not so soon.

As per the tweet from NextBit they claim they will have access to more resources and they will continue to do some [email protected]## work in the future.

What does the merger means for Razer – they will get the needed experience for stepping into the smartphone world. Razer already have a solid experience in making laptops and PC accessories like Gaming Mouse and Keyboards.

The Move will certainly help the company expand in to the world of smartphones and it will be intriguing to see if there are some gaming dedicated smartphones launched in Future.

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