Replacement Samsung Note 7 Burn Grounds Southwest Plane

A Samsung Note 7 which is replaced unit termed as “Safe to Use” got exploded in a Southwest Airlines flight in the US.

Southwest Airlines flight 994 from Louisville to Baltimore was about to take off when Mr. Brian Green’s replaced Samsung Note 7 units starting puffing smoke in his pocket. He threw the smartphone on the plane floor, and it starting fuming and burning the carpet and floor below. Causing some damage to the plane.

Update 10 October 2016 – Samsung has halted the production of Samsung Note 7 reports Wall Street Journal. The Samsung Note 7 replacement units also are overheating, and so far there have been 3 confirmed cases of smartphone catching fire.

Samsung released a new statement on 8th October stating that “We are temporarily adjusting the Galaxy Note 7 production schedule to take further steps to ensure quality and safety matters,” without elaborating any further.

Brian Green’s Samsung Note 7 Burnt on Southwest Plane. 

Replacement Samsung Note 7 Burns Grounds Southwest Plane

Brian Green has confirmed that he picked up the replacement unit on 12th Sept 2016 and it came with green battery indicator along with the black dot which surely points out it was a replaced Note 7 unit.

Replacement Samsung Note 7 Burns Grounds Southwest Plane

The smartphone was switched off and still somehow caught fire while the battery was around 80% as told by Mr. Green.

The plane was grounded, and passengers were asked to take other flights. It is a high level of drama and commotion to ground a full flight and then deplane all passengers and find new flights for them.

Samsung has stated that they will investigate the matter and check if the smartphone which exploded was a replaced Note 7 unit and what went wrong.

Samsung is in a mess, bigger than they ever thought if the replacement units too start to fail and explode it is going to create bigger trust issues, not for only Note 7 but other Samsung phones.

Frequent Reminder on Flights – Irrevocable Brand Image

Before the above incident 2 days back I was traveling from Mumbai to Chandigarh in a Go Air flight. I thought the Note 7 warnings would have disappeared and crew is unlikely to mention it.

But to my surprise, they announced about the Note 7 but also to keep the Note 2 in the switched off state.

The inquisitive fellow sitting next to me was watching me use my Samsung S7 and finally muttered “Samsung phones are unsafe.”

I gave him a mind your f**king business look and again got lost in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs.

Samsung has done unknowingly irrevocable damage to its reputation and for a second gave me feeling of uneasiness, nothing more. But what if I had a Note 7 or a Note 2 and next seat apple fanboy said it is unsafe.

Probably I would given the mind your own F**k*** business look and would have said it loud too. This is irrevocable damage which is difficult to fix in the short term for Samsung.

I can bet Lee Kun Hee (Samsung Chairman) would have been happier without a Samsung Note 7 this year.

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