Review ADATA Premier PRO SP900 256 GB SSD

We recently got the Adata Premier PRO 256 GB SSD as a review unit.  The SSD is 2.5 inch in size and comes with a desktop bracket of 3.5 inches which makes it fairly easy to install in the PC.

The SSD is compatible with both SATA 6 GB/s cable as well as the SATA 3 GB/s cable. You will be able to use it with both, if your motherboard supports the high speed 6 GB/S data transfer or the 3 GB/S data transfer.

We ported it in both the ports to understand the data transfer speed difference in the real world between the 3 GB/s connection and 6 GB/ s connection.

We found the performance was 3-5% slower with the 3 GB/ s which was negligible in my assessment, while the speed difference of the SSD Vs a 7200 RPM Drive and a 5400 RPM drive was huge.

The ADATA Premier PRO 256 GB SSD is priced close to Rs. 12,000 in the market and offers a decent upgrade over the native hard drive.

The ADATA premier pro has  some Advantage compared to other SSD’s which are really crucial to understand.

  • It is a expanded capacity solid state drive which uses new optimized firmware to utilize more storage capacity of the NAND Flash components drive. With superior NAND Flash, the Premier Pro SP900 reaches new levels of stability and performance, with a 7% increase in storage capacity over common SSDs in the market that use a SandForce controller.
  • Most of the 128 GB SSD’s or even 256 GB SSD use a Sandforce controller which reserves some space for the system and firmware files, the actual space on a 120 GB SSD can be as low as 110 GB for usage a wastage of 10 GB of storage space.
Adata SSD 900
  • The second major advantage of the SSD is it support Windows TRIM Command, accelerate data transfer performance. The Windows TRIM optimization command can directly delete stored data in the Flash memory and release unused SSD space (Free Blocks) to be used for system writes immediately.
  • This results in more accelerated data transfer and write performance for solid state drives, and is also effective in slowing down efficiency decline and depletion chances, maintaining effective operation and extending the life of the disk.
Review ADATA Premier PRO SP900 256 GB SSD

With the Acronis True Image HD software you can migrate the windows and other files  to the new solid state drive. If you already have Windows Installed on the PC or Laptop on your Drive either you can do a Image transfer of the data on your drive Using the Acronis Software or you can do a clean install on SSD and remove Windows from the HDD and format the partition after taking back up.

I prefer clean install always whenever I change the SSD or HDD on which the Windows was installed earlier just because of stability and bug free future operations. Here is a brief and simple guide which you can follow to do a clean install of Windows on your SSD.

Simple Steps to Do A Clean Install of Windows When Adding New SSD

  1. Back Up All data from C drive on HDD (windows Installation).
  2. Copy My Documents , Downloads , and Games etc from the C Drive.
  3. Create a boot-able USB Drive Using ROOFUS software.
  4. Open PC Cabinet and Remove the HDD.
  5. Add the SSD in place of  HDD.
  6. From BIOS boot from the USB Drive having Windows.
  7. Install Windows on the SSD.
  8. Change Primary Boot Device to SSD in BIOS.
  9. Check Windows is Loading Fine with SSD.
  10. Connect HDD and Remove SSD.
  11. Boot from HDD now from BIOS.
  12. Format only the C Drive on HDD where u had Windows Installed.
  13. Connect SSD in Sata 6 GB / s port and also connect HDD to a different Port.
  14. Boot Up the PC Using SSD  – You are Done !

Design and Size of Adata Premier PRO S900 Solid State Drive

The SSD Size as small as the normal sized PC mouse and weighs only 68 grams

Review ADATA Premier PRO SP900 256 GB SSD

The Box Packaging for Adata Premier Pro SSD

The 3.5-inch bracket to fit the SSD in the PC 3.5 inch slot with the tight screws. Fairly easy to mount and fix the SSD using the bracket. Most SSD manufacturers give a 3.5 inch bracket with the SSD.

Adata SSD 900 256 GB Size and Image 2

Key Specifications for the ADATA Premier PRO S900 SSD

  • SSD Capacity Available – 64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB
  • Interface – SATA 6 Gb/s , works with SATA 3 Gb/s
  • Weight – 68 grams
  • Dimensions – 100.45 x 69.85 x 7 mm
  • Performance 256 GB Drive – Read : Up to 545MB/s, Write : Up to 535MB/s
  • Performance 256 GB Drive – Multimedia Data Transfer (AS-SSD) ,Read : Up to 390MB/S , Write : Up to 260MB/S
  • Warranty – 3 years
  • Mean Time Between Failure – 1,000,000 hrs

Lets Check out the Performance of Adata Premier PRO SSD Vs 7200 RPM HDD and 5400 RPM is it worth to spend on the SSD.

Windows Shut Down Time

Adata SSD 900 256 GB Performance Benchmark1

Compared to the 5400 RPM Hard Drive and even a 7200 RPM dive the ADATA is faster by 100%. With Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 you will be happy to see the improvement in shut down time.

 Windows Boot Time

Adata SSD 900 256 GB Performance Benchmark2

Start Up for Windows using the ADATA drive is pretty quick takes only 20 seconds from pressing the power button to loading the wallpaper and some startup programs. It can be made even faster if we remove some of the start up programs.

File Compression Time for 1 GB File with Best Possible Compression. 

Review ADATA Premier PRO SP900 256 GB SSD

We tested the SSD Vs HDD for compressing a data file at the best possible compression the SSD took less than half time compared to the HDD. With SSD your games and other files are bound to load much faster.

File De-compression Time for 1 GB File  

Adata SSD 900 256 GB Performance Benchmark4

Again we de-compressed the same 1 GB file which we highly compressed in the previous stage and found the SSD work flawlessly.

Verdict – Review ADATA Premier PRO SP900 256 GB SSD

We are quite pleased with the easy of installation of the SSD and how fast it is compared to the traditional Hard drive. If you are looking for a good SSD for a low price can choose the 256 GB Adata SSD as well. There are other SSD like Crucial and Samsung which also are good and reliable performance. We will soon be sharing a review for the Samsung 128 GB SSD. Two More Points I would like to tell you:

What should be the Size of SSD – Though 128 GB is enough for most of the Users who are using it with a desktop, as you will load Windows and frequently used programs from SSD and for games and other multimedia files can use the normal HDD along with the SSD.

For Laptop if you are planning to remove the Old HDD and want to get an SSD, I would recommend to go with a 256 GB or even a 512 GB SSD. As carrying an external USB drive is a pain at times and sometimes you will feel the space is low on Laptop. It is better to grab a 256 GB or 512 GB drive to improve speed and reduce boot time for your Laptop.

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