If you are looking for a rugged power bank that you can use in outdoor conditions, Ambrane 10050 mAH can be a good option. Apart from offering fast charging support for your Android mobile or iPhone, it has got some nifty features.


unboxing iconUnboxing 

  • Ambrane Power Bank (WP-11)
  • User Manual
  • Charging Cable


Specs-smartphones -iconTechnical Details and Specs

  • Model No – Ambrane WP-11
  • Battery Size – 10050 mAH
  • Input Voltage/Current – 5V/2A
  • Output Voltage/Current – 5V/2.1A
  •  Battery Level Indicator – Yes
  • Shock Proof – Yes
  • Water and Dustproof – True, IP 67 Rated.
  • Construction Material – Plastic and Rubber.
  • LED Torch – Yes
  • 1 Year Warranty

design iconDesign 

The Ambrane WP-11 comes with a unique design that sets it apart from most power banks. There is a black rubber casing (that makes it shock proof) over the blue plastic material. The power bank feels sturdy and feels premium in hand.

At the top, there is a groove which can help you fasten it to a hook or a loop for ease of carrying. At the bottom, there are USB port, micro-USB port, and a LED Torch Light.

Also, there are blue led light indicators on one of the sides that shows the battery percentage of the power bank.

Further, the WP-11 comes with the IP 67 rating and has an industrial design making it dust/water and shock resistant.

Working and Experienceidea icon

The power bank is lightweight in comparison to some other 10,000 mAH rivals; in fact, it is more compact and lightweight. In the first image, you can observe it is much smaller than a 5.2 Inch phone.

You can easily carry it in your trouser/jeans pocket or even in your laptop carry bag. I think the issue with most 20,000 mAH power banks is the size and weight making them less portable.

When you open the case at the bottom there are two ports (1 micro-USB for charging the power bank and the other USB port for charging mobiles and other gadgets).

You can easily charge a 3000 mAH capacity phone 3 times using it. I charged my Samsung Galaxy S7 with the power bank and it charged quickly.

Notably, it comes with 5V/2.1 Ampere output and is capable of fast charging your phone if it supports rapid charging. Also, you can easily charge a health band, iPhone, smartwatch or iPad Mini with the Ambrane WP-11.

The LED light is a handy addition and it is quite bright too. To turn on the light, you need to press a button on the side twice.

Moreover, charging the power bank takes around 5 hours, I put it on charge at night before sleeping and it was full in few hours.

Also, Ambrane has added some functions such as overcurrent/overvoltage protection so that your mobile is not damaged during charging.

I even put the power bank under the tap water to test it, and it works without any hiccups.

man icon thoughtsConcluding Thoughts

For the limited 2 weeks testing period the Ambrane WP-11 works faultlessly, there are no issues in charging devices or using the power bank. I will continue to use it for next 6 months and share an update in case there are any issues observed.

Lastly, coming to the price details and advice on buying it.

You can buy a lot of 10000 mAH capacity power banks for as low as Rs. 700-800 but if you want a better quality product like the Adata PT-100 you will have to shell out Rs. 1200.

However, the Ambrane WP-11 costs Rs. 1799 on Flipkart (comes with an MRP of Rs. 2,999) which is a much higher price in comparison to most devices with 10000 mAH capacity battery.

Undoubtedly, it comes with more premium features and is a more suitable option for people who tend to either drop power banks or want to use it in outdoor conditions.

In conclusion, It makes more sense to buy this if you travel to a lot of places(beach, mountains, sea) where there is a need for a rough and tough gadget.

The WP-11 is made to handle such conditions and is a more rugged and reliable product for adventure outings. Otherwise, there are a lot of cheaper alternatives that you can explore.

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