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Review Best USB Speakers Price Rs 500 to 1000


I have been using these speakers now for more than 6 months and there are absolutely no issues with the build quality or sound. The price was really economical and sound quality is unmatched for the price I paid – Rs. 600. With compact form factor and cute looks, the speakers are an ideal match for people who like to watch movies, online youtube videos, listen to songs. These are ideal to use with desktop or a Laptop.

I generally buy premium hardware and components, but these were an exception, these tiny USB speakers are ideal to use on my laptop or PC.  The speakers we are reviewing today are F&D V520. The speakers are available with all major e-retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.

F&D V520

Review Best USB Speakers Price Rs 500 to 1000 – F&D V520

Before we deep dive into how these speakers perform, I would like to tell you a brief story – Why I bought these tiny speakers?

Before actually buying these speakers, I ordered the more expensive JBL Jembe, 2.0 speakers, to use with my desktop.  The JBL Jembe costs Rs. 3,200 and is one of the best sounding speakers that you can buy in this price range. Unfortunately, one of the speakers died after 2-3 months of usage and I returned it back to Snapdeal after JBL failed to honor the warranty.

The JBL speakers look futuristic, not very large and can be perfect companion if you are looking for 2.0 channel stereo speakers under 3K budget.  I was disappointed after one speaker failed, I researched and decided to buy the cheap and good F&D V520 after reading 100s positive review about these speakers.

I was Looking for Following Qualities from Speakers :

  1. Compact Form Factor – Don’t want to block space.
  2. Good Sound – Treble and Bass.
  3. Adequate Loudness
  4. USB Powered – no need to use external power.
  5. Can be used with a laptop or desktop PC.
  6. Fit for watching Movies, listening to music and playing games occasionally.

The F&D V520 is great and for the price, they are able to satisfy all the above needs. I rarely rate products as 5 star but F&D speakers are one of those low cost, excellent quality products that offer exceptional sound quality at dirt cheap price.

Design & Looks

The speakers are very small, the size of a typical pen stand. I was surprised to see the size initially, but they proved to be little monsters. You don’t need an external power source to use with these speakers, simply plug the USB cable into USB 2.0 or 3.0 port and you are good to go. Despite powered by USB port these are quite loud.

 Review Best USB Speakers Price Rs 500 to 1000

What are the  Cons for F&D V 520

  1. No Volume Control Knobs.
  2. No Adjustment for Treble or Bass.
  3. They don’t come with enhancements like FM support.

What are the Major Pros for F&D V520

  1. Very Compact form factor – You will be surprised to see them, check the image they are barely equal to a pen stand.
  2. Offers Deep Bass – not like a 5.1 channel woofer speaker system, but good enough for a 2.0 stereo speaker
  3. Clear Loud Voice – The voice doesn’t crack if you increase the volume even at 90% of the max volume.

 Compared to JBL Jembe 2.0 Stereo Speakers considering JBL is at 10

  • Sound Quality 8.2 of F&D V520 Vs 10 of JBL Jembe
  • Loudness 8.0 Vs 10
  • Treble – 8.0 Vs 10
  • Clarity – 7.5 Vs 10
  • Bass – 8.0 Vs 10
  • Size is less than half of the JBL speakers
  • Looks and design are also good.

Verdict – A Must Buy Product

I use the Sennheiser MX 470 earphones and Sennheiser PX 80 headphones. I was previously using the Edifier 5.1 surround channel speaker system,  I packed it up due to the nasty wire web created by the satellite speakers.

Moreover, to have a neat and clean desk for work and also if you have space constraints, you can look at buying compact speakers like the F&D V520.

Considering the price difference between the two speakers F&D are a killer deal and offers superb quality for the money. If you are looking for USB or even non-USB speakers I would suggest to try out the F&D. You will love the exceptional sound quality and the low price. Besides, I may add a sound recording sample to this article sometime later, but for now, you will have to trust my word on the sound quality.

Also, You can check out the higher model F&D V620 that is available close to Rs. 1200 and also offer great sound quality like the F&D V520. Another good choice for USB speakers is Logitech Z120 they are also tiny cute speakers which look really good on a PC desk or even with a laptop.  The sound quality of the Logitech Z120 is great but I prefer the F&D V520 more. If you are looking for best speakers under Rs. 1000, F&D V520 is a great choice.

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