Brainwavz started making earphones and Headphones in 2008.

The company has a full product catalog of earphones like – Brainwavz S5, Brainwavz Zive and Blu 100. Further, they have entered the Indian market and done a tie-up with Amazon India to sell their products.

Review Brainwavz Blue 100 Good Bluetooth Earphones India

The company intends to bring quality earphones to users with a robust build, at affordable rates.

We will be doing a brief review of the Brainwavz Blue 100 Sports Bluetooth Earphones. The earphones are available on Amazon India for Rs. 27,00. If you are looking for in-canal earphones with wired remote around 2K to 3K, these can be a good choice.

Design and Unboxing 

The Brainwavz Blue 100 comes in a solid case, and the earphones along with 2 pairs of extra caps are neatly packaged inside the case. There is also a USB cable to charge the Bluetooth earphones.

The packaging looks good, and once you open the cardboard box, you get to see the hard carry case which you can use to carry your Blue 100.

The Blue 100 is not very tiny they are adequate sized and looks more sporty than sophisticated. The matte finish on the earphones hints at subtle class and quality.

The wire and the three-button remote is an adequate size and looks sturdy. The wire is mostly tangle free and is a flat cable which makes it ideal for the earphone.

The size of the earbuds is a bit large, and they also carry a micro-USB plug housed inside one of the earplugs which can be used to charge the Bluetooth earphones.

Let’s Have a Closer Look at the Case and Blue 100 Earphones.

Review Brainwavz Blue 100 Good Bluetooth Earphones India Review Brainwavz Blue 100 Good Bluetooth Earphones India Review Brainwavz Blue 100 Good Bluetooth Earphones India brainwavz-Blue-100-3 brainwavz-Blue-100

Key Specifications for the Blue 100 Earphones

  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX codec support
  • Driver Dynamic – 8 mm
  • Rated impedance – 30 ohm
  • Frequency – 20 Hz to 20 KHz
  • Sensitivity – 110 dB
  • Bluetooth – 4.0
  • Codec – aPTX
  • Charge time – 2 Hours
  • Playtime – 4 hours
  • Standby – 3 days
  • Voice Cancellation – Yes
  • Warranty – 2 years

Features and Functions

The earphones are easy to pair with any phone using the 3 button remote. You need to press the middle button for 5 seconds, and the earphones Bluetooth pairing is activated.

Moreover, you can pair these with any mobile either using Windows, iOS or Android.  You will have to activate the Bluetooth on your device and search for available Bluetooth connections, and as you see the Brainwavz headset, you can pair it with the smartphone.

Once paired you can use the earphones easily to listen to music and attend calls.

You can power on the earphones by pressing the middle button on the remote for 2 seconds and power off the headset by pressing the same button for 3 seconds.

You can play a song with one quick press and pause it with another quick press. With 2 quick press, you can make calls to the last dialed number without actually checking your smartphone.

Also, you can increase and decrease the volume of headsets by the top and lower button. By long press, you can listen to the previous and next song using the volume up and down button.

There is a white led indicator at the bottom of the 3 button remote which shows it is active.

User Experience

With all those controls mentioned above, it is relatively easy to use. I paired the device with Moto G and the Google Nexus 5; it was easy and without any events.

The connection also does not break abruptly even when you are 10 feet away from the phone. I did not try the max range it can sustain, but according to Brainwavz, the device can work up to 25 feet.

Now coming to the key question – How was the sound experience of the Earphones?

I made lots of calls and received calls on the headset, call clarity is great, the sound is clear and loud even for those who would like to have a higher volume for calls this is actually good.

I even reduced the volume to 90% as it is easily audible at that level. For crowded places, the Mic works well, and audio communication to the receiver on the other side of the call is reasonably good.

For music, I prefer using my Sennheizer high-end wired stereo headphones. Besides, it will be wrong to compare the quality of a wired 3.5 mm earphones to a Bluetooth headset.

Though music listening experience is okay, however, if you are an Audiophile and listen to music a lot would suggest you get a decent earphone.

What could have been better? I think the design makes the earphone a bit larger, though not too much but would I prefer a more compact design.


Overall a good experience in terms of features, price and build quality. The best feature is the audio call quality with the Aptx support which makes you hear every word clearly.

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