Review Corsair RM450 Gaming PC Power Supply (SMPS)

The corsair 450 watts SMPS is a great power supply for a mid range PC, if you are looking forward to build for gaming or Home entertainment. Corsair RM 450 is a modular premium priced PSU, and is gold certified made for silent operation and power efficiency.

Review Corsair RM450 Gaming PC Power Supply

There are lot of cheaper brands and SMPS available but the RM450 are built to last long and are of premium quality and premium price.

The PSU comes with Auto fan start and stop when the temperature level rises and drops to make this even more silent when operating under low load conditions.

It is always good to invest in a well built quality PSU to protect your PC parts from fluctuation of current or over supply of voltage.

The PSU has inbuilt circuitory to protect against low and high voltage by regulating it.

The PSU provides continuos power supply and offers a reliable solution for the PC power management.

The PSU has an energy efficiency of 92%+ which is great mostly we see PSU’s with 80 to 85 % energy efficiency. In the practical scenario you will get around 90% power efficiency from the PSU.

The SMPS is currently priced at Rs. 6000 ($100) in the market.  RM450 is built with high-quality components and is guaranteed to deliver clean, stable, continuous power and save you money on the monthly electricity bill.

You may have to make a bigger investment upfront but the quality, safety and energy saving offsets the initial cost over a longer period of usage.

Un-boxing and Design Corsair RM450 Power Supply

 Review Corsair RM450 Gaming PC Power Supply Review Corsair RM450 Gaming PC Power Supply Review Corsair RM450 Gaming PC Power Supply Review Corsair RM450 Gaming PC Power Supply Review Corsair RM450 Gaming PC Power Supply

The ultra silent power supply comes with flat profile cables which are not permanently fixed in the power supply like most of the low cost power supplies. You get to choose what you need in your PC case.

You can easily run the processor, motherboard, CPU and a mid range graphics card with this PSU.

Review Corsair RM450 Gaming PC Power Supply (SMPS)

Graphics Cards – Some of the graphics cards which will be ideal to pair with the corsair psu are as follows: Nvidia GTX 950 , Nvidia GTX 750 Ti , GTX 750 , GTX 740 , GTX 730 and similar graphics cards from Nvidia. You can also pair the AMD starting range of graphics cards like AMD R7 R7 – 250X , R7 – 250, R7 – 240 or similar specs card with the PSU.

We used the PSU along with the intel Core i5 processor and Nvidia GTX 750 Ti and played games on it, did video rendering, it is silent and even under load you will hear minimum fan noise.

The PSU provides steady power and has decent build quality. All the cables are modular and can be detached and cables which are required can be used only and other cables can be kept seperate, helps in avoiding the cable mesh in the PC cabinet.

The quality of the cables is also great and are tangle feel, makes it really easy to plugin and do cable management in the case.

The PSU also saves on the power bill with higher efficiency components, it ensures lower heat generation and energy consumption. The SMPS comes with Zero RPM fan mode which ensures near silent operation when the PC is not under load the Fan stops spinning.

80 Plus Gold Certified Zero RPM technology

The SMPS uses the Corsair NR135L Noise-Reducing Fan which reduces the noise levels when the PC is under load.

Review Corsair RM450 Gaming PC Power Supply (SMPS)

The Key SPECS and Features

  • The PSU has 80+ Gold rated efficiency.
  • Modular cable management , tangle free cables.
  • Low profile, flat cable design improves cable management.
  • Energy Efficiency of 92% +.
  • High-quality capacitors military grade capacitors
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) with PF value of 0.99.
  • ver-voltage, over-current protection, under-voltage protection.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Over power protection & over temperature protection provide.
  • 5 Years Warranty ( check with Seller).

Verdict (Review Corsair RM450 Gaming PC Power Supply (SMPS)

The SMPS is not for those who are looking for a cheaper PC Build, but for those who want more reliability and want to invest in the PSU for a long term safer operation and if it is gaming or other work the PSU will deliver what is asked with out any issues for years (comes with 5 years of warranty speaks lots about the quality).

Price for the PSU is quiet steep and may not appeal to buyers looking for a low cost power management solution for the gaming PC.

Addition power saving and energy bill saving make the case stronger for the Corsair RM 450.

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