Review Corsair Spec 01 Gaming PC Cabinet Price Rs 4000

Gaming PC cabinets are always the most under rated things, gamers usually spend all on the GPU and CPU and rest of the things are just bought to fit the bill. Here is a cabinet you can buy which offers great style, design and build quality without over exceeding your spending capacity.

We earlier listed 7 Great PC cabinets for gaming pc build to provide insights on cabinets which you can buy starting from Rs. 1200 to 15,000.  Corsair Spec 01 Mid Tower Gaming Case is priced at Rs. 4,200 ($70).

Review Corsair Spec 01 Gaming PC Cabinet Price Rs 4000

Review Corsair  Spec 01 Gaming PC Cabinet

Recently we got the Corsair Spec 01 cabinet from Corsair India for review, we also reviewed the Corsair Spec 02 some days back which is higher model, and price close to Rs. 5,000 or $80.

The Corsair Spec 01 is a great cabinet to include in your next gaming PC build and suitable for PC Builds starting at Rs. 35,000 to all the way upto 60,000.  Beyond that range I think you can get something more exotic.

The Spec 01 cabinet has a rugged build quality and neat black matte finish similar to the Spec 02. It does not feel very large or heavy and looks elegant and designed for performance PC.

The cabinet has good air flow dynamics and support upto 5 fans, you can use 2 fans (120 mm) or even 140 MM Fans on the front side of the case. There is 1 fan at the rear end.

We can  add 2 fans at the top of the case with 120 MM FAN size, I think 3-4 fans are more than enough for cooling unless you plan to game in the Saharan deserts then can add all 5 of them.

Review Corsair Spec 01 Gaming PC Cabinet Price Rs 4000

Two fans are pre-installed in the cabinet one at the front with Red Led and one at the back without any LED lights. The cooling is sufficient to keep the temperature in check for the Graphics card, hard disk and Processor.

The front grill has dust filters to remove the dust from Air pulled by the cooling fans.

You can easily use this cabinet with graphics cards like Nvidia GTX 960 , GTX 760 , GTX 770 and GTX 970 or if you have an AMD 270X , AMD R9 280 , 280X or AMD 290X you can use the cabinet easily. For crossfire or SLI also cabinet can work, but will be prudent to buy even larger cabinet in that case.

Corsair Spec 01 can easily be used with most of the processors and micro-ATX motherboards, and ATCX motherboards.

You can use it all processors from AMD or Intel, easily with the stock cooler and some of the smaller after market coolers can also be fitted easily in the case, but if you are looking to buy an after market cooler like the Hyper 212X which requires a lot of head room and side space to install, you can look at a bigger cabinet like HAF 912 etc.


The large Window made up of fine heat resistant material at one side of the case looks very elegant and you can admire your exotic gaming pc components from the window.

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The Corsair logo looks elegant at the front side of the grill in front of the 120 mm Cooling fan. The case is pitch black in color and has premium finish.

Review Corsair Spec 01 Gaming PC Cabinet Price Rs 4000

The red light at the front fan gives the case a very aggressive look and makes PC gaming experience better.

You can remove the top plates from the front and fit 2 DVD Drives very easily in the case.

Corsair Spec 01 pc Cabinet (1)

The Side Window Looks cool with a Glimpse to all the internal hardware it is an excellent view with Red LED light on.

The Front header has the Power and rest buttons which are easy to press and very well built, in lots of cabinets the buttons are poorly made but not in the Corsair Spec 02.

Corsair Spec 01 pc Cabinet (9)

The front panel has the support for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices along with a Mic and Headphone 3.5 mm Jack. The Other side has the metal cover and is slightly protruded outward to provide a little more space to the graphics card and CPU cooler ensuring adequate air flow and cooling.


  • Size – 447mm x 200mm x 428mm
  • Price – Rs. 4000
  • SSD and HDD – Easily mount 2 HDD and 2 SSD in the cabinet.
  • Case Motherboard support – Mini-ITX, MicroATX, ATX
  • Maximum Graphics card length – 414 mm, almost same as spec 02 case.
  • Maximum CPU Cooler height – 157 mm
  • Case Expansion Slots – 7
  • USB Ports on Front Panel – 1 USB 3.0 , 1 USB 2.0 , Headphone Jack, Microphone Jack.
  • HDD & SSD – 2 HDD and 2 SSD
  • DVD Drives – 2 can be added
  • Case Drive configuration -(x2) 5.25in, (x4) Combo 3.5in/2.5in
  • Material – Steel – Color – Black
  • Number of Fans included in Cabinet – 2 Fans pre-installed
  • Number of Fans Supported – Total 5 Fans
  • Compatible Corsair Liquid Coolers include – H55, H60, H75, H80i

The front side of the cabinet with the transparent silent fan with Red LED light. Below the Fan space for Adding SSD and HDD. Black Matte Finish inside the Case offers elegant look – you can add up multiple HDD and SSD below the front fan or above it. Above the fan you can easily add a DVD Drive too in the larger case.

The space in behind the fan ensure that a long graphics card like Gigabyte GTX 970 can be easily fit into the longer free space. The rear silent fan to ensure adequate air flow inside the cabinet and hot air can be pushed easily from the back.

You don’t require a screw driver to open the cabinet the special screws can be easily opened, it is fairly simple to open the Corsair Spec 02 Cabinet and close it using these screws.


For a price tag or Rs. 4,000 it is a great gaming cabinet with elegant looks and premium finish, the side window and number of fans supported is great and can be used for a PC in range of Rs. 40K to 60 k.

If you are looking forward to use any single GPU and a liquid cooler than it is a perfect match for you. It does not take too much of space and weighs only 4.0 Kg which is not too much.

For Builds which are going to use some more exotic PC hardware you can read the article – 7 Best Gaming PC cabinets.

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  1. already i am having this cabinet but where can i buy the same exact corsair transperent led fan for front panel
    and if u know any alternative please say it.

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