Review Creative Sound Blaster Roar Portable Speaker

Creative Roar are premium Bluetooth speaker which you can pair with a smartphone or use as a standalone speaker system to listen to incredible quality audio.

Creative Roar

Design and Visuals

Review Creative Sound Blaster Roar Portable Speaker – The creative Roar measure around 20.3 cm in length,  5.6 cm in height  and has a width of 11.4 cm  .  The speaker is not very light in weight, it weighs around 1.2 Kg.

The speaker are rectangular and the controls are there on the front side of the speakers. In the box you will find Micro USB Cable, Power Adapter, and 2 Interchangeable adapter plugs along with the speaker.

Check out the design for the Creative Roar

Review Creative Sound Blaster Roar Portable Speaker Review Creative Sound Blaster Roar Portable Speaker Review Creative Sound Blaster Roar Portable Speaker Review Creative Sound Blaster Roar Portable Speaker

The speakers have a small form factor and are quite portable, but they are heavy.

The Build quality is good, with chrome finish at the speaker grill on the sides they look premium.

Even the top side of the speaker where the buttons are mounted have a rubberised coating which feels soft and good when you lift the speakers and carry them. It is a non slippery material to ensure you don’t drop the speakers.

The creative logo is placed the front speaker grill which add to the distinct look of the speakers.

4 Sides have speaker grills barring the bottom side which is placed on the table and the top where you have connectivity ports and buttons.

Key Specs & Functions

Pairing and Use – They are very easy to pair with any smartphone if you have an iPhone or any Android or Windows smartphone you can easily pair them. You can turn on the speakers and then press the bluetooth button to enable the Bluetooth.

Enable the Bluetooth in your smartphone and you can select the creative roar. Open up the music player in the smartphone and play the songs you like.  Connectivity is good and I had no issues even playing the full playlist, you don’t drop the connection.

Creative Roar 1

Amplifiers – The speakers have 5 drivers and a built-in sub woofer powered by 2 separate sets of high performance amplifiers, one take care of the highs and other for the lows.

Creative Roar 2

Connectivity – Creative Roar offers wireless NFC-enabled Bluetooth, microSD card slot for built-in MP3 player and voice recorder, micro USB port for USB  and also support the microSD card reader.

Extra Bass and Codecs – Supports aptX and AAC for high-quality music experience The speaker also has dedicated button – ROAR for audio enhancement and TeraBass enables extra bass.


Review Creative Sound Blaster Roar Portable Speaker – I have a range of music devices and speakers which I use as per the mood and I think it is comman for most Audiophiles.

If it is morning music and ghazals or playing songs when friends are having get together and you want to listen to soft rock or just modern numbers creative roar is my favorite speaker system.

They are quite portable and easy to carry, so you can carry them outdoors, to a friends place or if you are going to an out bound location and need to enjoy beer and music in a relaxing chair sitting by the beach. I did this some days back.

Music quality is great if you use a micro SD card you will get to hear each and every beat in the tracks with utmost clarity.

The mids and highs are clear and so are low beats, frequency response is good for the speakers.

The voice clarity and treble is appreciable for the Creative Roar speakers, however if you are a pure bass lover you may like a bigger speaker system for a 5.1 surround sound. But they have good sound and bass for the small form factor they have.

Sound Test For Creative Roar

Verdict – Creative Sound Blaster Roar Portable Bluetooth Speaker

You may not be fully able to judge the sound quality from the above video, but will at least get the capability of the speaker.

The speaker offer good listening experience and can be used in a dual channel mode using two of these together, which we were not able to try as we had only one of these. You can enslave other speakers by using the creative roar as the drivers speaker and use it with an Aux cable to connect to the other speakers.

The speaker battery is Li ion and has a 6000 mAH battery capacity it last around 6-7 hours with a single charge which is great considering the hardware and sound out put these produce.

Experience and built quality for the speakers is good, they come with easy bluetooth connectivity and support for micro – USB and micro SD card which makes them more functional for listening to music.

The price is a bit steep and these are really premium, currently they are priced close to Rs. 13,999 on Amazon India.

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