Review Rapoo VH150 Affordable Gaming Headphones With Mic

I have tested and reviewed over 20 headphones in last 4 years, but none matches the massive size of the Rapoo VH150. Most of the headphones, for use with mobiles, are tiny like the recently tested Astrum ET 300 or the 1more iBFree wireless headphones or the 1More Pistons.

But those serve a different purpose. On the other hand, the VH150 are enormous headsets made for PC gamers, who are looking for an affordable gaming headset in the sub 2k price range.

Review Rapoo VH150

Rapoo is a Chinese manufacturer that also make several other PC gaming accessories like the affordable keyboard and mouse combo that we reviewed a few weeks back.

Also, the brand is making strides in the Indian market with affordable PC gaming gear.

The Rapoo VH150 has an MRP of Rs.2990 but these are available on Flipkart currently for just Rs. 1499.

There are many gaming headphones that you can buy in the price range of Rs. 1500 to Rs 2000, but let’s talk about what’s unique in the new VH150 from Rapoo and should you buy these.

unboxing iconUnboxing VH150

The VH150 comes in an enormous brown color cardboard box with a sketch of the headset on the front side. All the specs and details are printed on the back both in English and Mandarin.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the large box when it first arrived. Mostly when the packaging is big we find that the gadgets inside the box are small, but not in this case. The VH150 felt premium as I first took it out of the box. It looks more like Rs. 3000 headphones than an Rs. 1500 product.

Let’s have a closer look at the VH 150.

Rapoo VH150 Gaming Headphone Unboxing

Review Rapoo VH150 Rapoo VH150 Gaming Headphone

Specs-smartphones -iconKey Specs VH150

  • Cup Diameter – 50 mm
  • Max Sensitivity – 1037 dB
  • Impedance – 1 KHz / 32 ohm
  • Frequency Response – 20 to 20,000 Hz
  • Microphone – Detachable Mic
  • Mic Profile – Omni Directional
  • Package Content – Headphones, Starter Guide
  • Price Rs. 2999
  • Discounted Price Rs. 1499.
  • Available on Flipkart

design iconDesign and Build Quality

The VH150 comes with a decent build quality, the material and the construction don’t feel the low cost. The large 50 mm cups have soft leatherette material on the inside; it is very cushiony and comfortable. The outside part of the earcups is black in color and made from soft touch matte finish polycarbonate.

Also, the headband has the same leatherette material with a good amount of foam and padding to make the headphones amazingly comfortable to wear. The headband seems strong as well as flexible. It comes with the ability to adjust the height using the slide-bar on each side.

Moreover, the headband has a metal finish but is actually made of hard plastic. Unlike, the metallic headbands of some other headphones.

There are charming blue LED lights that you can turn on using the switch on the controller, however, you cannot change the color.

Notably, the blue color makes the headphones look stylish and adds to the style quotient of your gaming setup.

Further, the 3.5 mm pin connects the detachable microphone to the headset.

There is a controller from which you can increase/decrease the volume or can turn On/Off the LED light.

headphones iconExperience

I am more used to wearing headphones that are lighter like the Sennheiser PX 80 or the PX 100 which comes with the foam earcups. Initially, wearing the VH150 was a big change from my daily drivers, but these don’t feel uncomfortable despite the enormous size.

The headband and the earcups have superb cushioning to make sure you don’t feel any discomfort even after wearing for a long session. Also, the large earcups come with a noise isolation design that reduces the disturbance from the ambient noises to a good extent.

Since these cover your ears entirely, there is no space for airflow and that can make you sweat, in case you are wearing these in a hot environment.

Another important point, you need to plug-in the USB cord to use the LED lighting otherwise it won’t work.

In fact, the cable has three connectors – 1).  3.5 mm headphone jack, 2). a microphone jack and 3). USB plug for the LED Lights. Also, the microphone comes with a foam cover that reduces the wind noise while talking.

Once you remove the foam from microphone, there is a hidden switch beneath it which can turn on or off the microphone. Initially, it was off, so the microphone was not working, it took me some time to find and turn it on.

Also, you can simply pull and remove the microphone when it is not in use.

headphones icon 1Sound Quality

Moving to the crux of the review (Sound Quality), and to put it in a straightforward way, the VH150 offers a decent amount of Bass and treble. Due to the large diameter cups and the diaphragm of the speakers, it is able to produce rich sound with a wide enough soundstage.

The frequency response and the loudness is also adequate and the sound does not distort at higher volumes.

I played games like CS:Go and Battlefield 1; the headphones actually help to listen to footsteps and guess the direction from which the sound is coming.

Apart from practice and dexterity in a third-person shooter, you need to have a quick gaming mouse, mechanical keyboard, and a decent gaming headphone to ensure you have a slight advantage over your foes.

What’s more, I listened to some songs in HD quality on these and found the sound to be rich, moreover, instruments are easy to discern. The bass can become overwhelming at higher volumes some may like or dislike it. But that again depends on your taste whether you love a more thumping sound or a more natural profile.

Bass Junkies will not find these disappointing and may even enjoy the beats.

man icon thoughtsConcluding Thoughts 

The headphones are a good deal for gamers who are looking for a robust gaming headset both for listening and communicating. Also, for streaming these can work as an entry-level headset, however, the sound from the mic has some hiss at the end of the words, unlike high-end professional microphones.

Having said that, the quality of the microphone is above average and is acceptable to use in most cases.

The VH150 are enormous and sound good too, the blue Led light, detachable microphone are handy features that you will love. Though these are quite comfortable to wear the lack of airflow can make these uncomfortable in case you are in a hot environment.

Overall, my experience is good and for the price, these are a bargain deal if you want a colossal headset for gaming.

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