Review Rs 500 Earphones – Evidson X55 With Mic

Evidson is a lesser known brand in India but they make some good affordable earphones.  I recently got the Evidson X55 earphone priced at Rs. 500 from Amazon though the MPR is Rs. 545 on the packaging.

The Evidson X55 earphone comes with a decent no frill packaging without any accessories apart from the earfoam. The Evidson X55 can be used with any smartphone with a 3.5 mm jack (can’t use with CDLA LE 2 smartphone and may be iPhone 7).

Review Rs 500 Earphones - Evidson X55 With Mic

Can also be used with a laptop , Macbook or a PC. The design for the Evidson X55 earphone is not the in canal type these fit in your ear and stay outside the ear canal.  You get the ear foams along with the earphone and the foam is not the cheap synthetic type which feel uncomfortable to ear. The foam helps to fit the earphones nicely to prevent accidental fall.

Review Rs 500 Earphones - Evidson X55 With Mic

I prefer this design over the pure in canal design, it feels a bit open and comfortable though lot of people these days but the in-canal earphones as they usually have a better grip and noise cancellation.

Below is a pure in canal design.

ES-18 Earphones

But I on the other hand still happy to use the Sennheiser MX 470 which has a similar design to the Evidson X55 or may be my Apple iPods which come with iPhone 6s. The idea of sealing my ears with two plugs, is what some people may not like prefer these over the in-canal earphones.

Let’s Rate the Evidson X55 based on various parameters and not forgetting the price tag of Rs. 500.

Clarity – 3.5/5.0 – I used the evidson to watch the favourite Game of thrones season and audio was clear and crisp from the Macbook.  Also used it to make calls which was also good and without any interference.

Treble – 3.2/5.0 – The earphones comes with good treble with decent frequency range and ability to improve richness of audio from your smartphone. But don’t expect that you will be hear the high’s too clearly on this one with the tings differentiating from each other on every note.

Bass – 3.6/5.0 – The important factor, probably the most important for many readers. The Evidson X55 offers more bass than my stock earphones which came with Samsung S7. The observation is while I tested both on the Samsung S7. The bass is deep but not like the very deep thump with differentiating beats which I get from more expensive MX 470 but yet it is a good enough bass.

Noise Cancellation – 3.4 /5.0 – The Evidson X55 with the over canal design does not offer much of noise cancellation and you can hear feeble ambient sounds if you are in a loud environment with the earphones on.

Sound Quality Richness – 3.5/5.0 – It is most difficult to describe in words but once you listen to a very high end earphone, you understand how well they handle the sound stage and pick up and differentiate the low , mids and highs.  In the X55 the sound stage and differentiation is average but for the price decent.

Comfort – 3.9/5.0 – I liked the earphones and are quite ergonomic to wear for some hour without trouble.

Microphone usage 3.9/5.0 – The addition of the mic to this earphone help you answer calls with ease with a button placed on the cord you can disconnect the calls easily. There are no mute or volume up and down buttons though.


Cord – 3.8/5.0 – The cord is long and does not get entangled easily when you carry these in your pockets. The cord is on the thicker and sturdier side and better than the thin and excessively flexible cords more prone to entangling and driving people nuts.

Accessories –  There were non to speak about other than 1 pair of foams which I stated above.

Value for Money – The earphones are good for the price and comes with a micro-phone, the sound profile and listening experience is satisfying for the money paid. You get what you paid for and that’s a good thing , mostly we don’t get what we pay for. Overall a convivial experience using these $8 or Rs. 500 earphones.

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