Updated – January 2019 – A lot of people want their smartphones to be waterproof and strong in build, either they work in extreme weather conditions or have there owned infinite reasons to have a waterproof mobile. Water damage is one of the largest culprits for corrupting electronic gadgets.

But before buying a waterproof smartphone one thing to be kept in mind is the IP rating (abbreviated as Ingress protection), the IP rating tells the devices ability to withstand water.

The IP rating is denoted by two numbers the higher the numbers better is the protection, the first number denotes the dirt resistance, and the second one denotes water resistance.

EX an IP 68 mobile have dust protection value of 6(highest), and water protection value 8 (highest).

Based on the IP rating the device resistance may vary from mere splash resistance to withstand a few ml of water, and some can even be submerged (still usable) under water.

If you just need a smartphone to withstand rain and accidental spills then the low IP rated handset will do the job, else if you want to use the smartphone in swimming pools or to take selfies underwater, you need a high IP rated smartphone.

You can choose the best one that suits you from the below list of Best Water Proof Smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 is the most advanced phone from Samsung so far. It comes with some top class features, including an S-Pen.

The Galaxy Note 8 is water and dust resistant too. The phone has an IP rating of 68. In water, it is water-resistant up to 5 feet for 30 minutes maximum.

Samsung Note 8 is Official offers Dual 12 MP Cameras and Improved SPen

Although the phone comes with water and dust resistance, Samsung suggests that the phone should not be exposed to salt water.

In case the phone is exposed to salt water, salt may collect blocking the microphone, external speaker, and other ports.

Key specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  • Screen – 6.3 inch Super AMOLED (1440 x 2960 pixels)
  • Camera – Dual 12 MP + 12 MP rear, 8 MP front
  • Processor – Exynos 8895 Octa-Core
  • RAM – 6 GB
  • Storage – 64/128/256 GB
  • IP rating – IP68
  • Battery – 3300 mAh

Motorola Moto X4

Motorola Moto X4 is one of the cheapest phones to come with IP68 water and dust resistance. It is available at a price of Rs. 21,999 on Amazon.

IP68 rating ensures that the phone is safe against water spills and splashes. The level of waterproof rating in phones of this price segment is rare, though some phones are splash-resistant.

Moto X4 can be put in water for up to 30 minutes.

Key specs of Moto X4

  • Screen – 5.2 inch IPS LCD full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels)
  • Camera – Dual 12 MP + 8 MP rear, 16 MP front
  • Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 Octa-Core
  • RAM – 3 GB or 4 GB
  • Storage – 32/64 GB
  • IP rating – IP68
  • Battery – 3000 mAh

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus is the flagship phone from Apple. The phone comes with an IP67 rating.

The IP67 rating ensures that the phone can survive in 1m water for up to 30 minutes without any major damages.

While most of the rival phones having Android OS come with an IP68 rating, iPhone 8 Plus along with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 is a step behind, and utilize IP67 rating.

Although the waterproofing is good enough, it is not comparable to the Samsung Galaxy series or Note series phones.

Key specs of iPhone 8 Plus

  • Screen – 5.5 inch IPS LCD full HD (1080 x 1920 pixels)
  • Camera – Dual 12 MP + 12 MP rear, 7 MP front
  • Processor – Apple A11 Bionic
  • RAM – 3 GB
  • Storage – 64 GB/ 256 GB
  • IP rating – IP67
  • Battery – 2691 mAH

Sony Xperia Z5

Flagship high-end waterproof Mobile – Sony is the first phone maker to introduce waterproofing in smartphones. It started with the launch of Xperia Z  and continued adding water resistance in all its flagship series mobiles and some of the mid-range devices as well (Sony M4 Aqua).

Sony XZ Premium 2017 – 19 MP Camera 4K Display Snapdragon 835

Sony Xperia Z5 is the company’s top-tier phone and comes with an IP 68 Rating.

The device can be immersed under 1.5 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Although the mobile comes with IP68 water-resistance rating, Sony still advice to take some precautions just like other phone manufacturers do. Water-resistance doesn’t mean that water may not damage the phone. The company recommends using a micro-fiber cloth to wipe the device dry, in case it is exposed to water for a long time.

It is still okay if your XZ Premium gets wet, nothing is going to happen to the device. But since it is really expensive, you may not want to use it in the pool to avoid any damage. It will be much better to buy a waterproof camera which does a better job at imaging under water.

Key Specs for Sony Xperia Z5

  • Screen – 5.46 inch 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) IPS LCD
  • Camera – 19 MP rear, 13 MP front
  • Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa-core
  • RAM – 4 GB
  • Storage – 64 GB, expandable up to 512 GB
  • IP rating – IP 68
  • Battery – 3230 mAh, supports Quick Charge 3.0

Motorola Moto G6

At the time of Moto’s re-entry, Motorola had two water resist smartphone in the market, one being a high-end Moto X and the other a Mid range Moto G,  for a while Moto didn’t add Ingress Protection to its smartphone for the unknown reason.


With the launch of Moto G6, Motorola has added a water-repellent coating to the phone that protects it some splashes of water and rain. Although the phone is not IP rated for water-resistance, the water-repellent nano-coating still plays an important role in protecting the Moto G6 from minor water damages.

According to Motorola, the new Moto G6 is water-repellant only. Hence, it is recommended not take the phone in the swimming pool or at the beach water. However, given the price of the phone, it is a welcome feature to have.

Key specs of Moto G6

  • Screen – 5.7-inch FHD+ (1080 x 2160 pixels) IPS LCD
  • Camera – 13 MP Rear, 5 MP Front
  • Processor – Snapdragon 450 Octa-core, 1.8 GHz
  • RAM – 3 GB/ 4 GB
  • Storage – 32 GB or 64 GB, expandable up to 256 GB
  • IP rating – No
  • Battery – 3000 mAh, fast charging with 15W adapter

Comet ( Buoyant smartphone)

 This is a kind of bizarre smartphone in the list, which is yet to be launched, it can float on water. And of course is waterproof. We wrote a detailed article on Comet smartphone some time back you may like to check out – Forget Waterproof This Smartphone Can Float on Water.

Forget Waterproof This Smartphone Can Float on Water

The smartphone is rated as IP67, and it stands apart from another waterproof smartphone as its design is not supposed to sink under water. Instead, it floats on the water surface with the help of a pair of fins

The handset can stay in the water for a long time than other waterproof smartphones and once released will be a true waterproof smartphone.

This cool concept was aroused from the mind of an Indian origin developer – Prashanth Raj, who is the inventor and founder of the company as well.

Key Specs of Comet

  • Screen – 4.7 inches AMOLED full HD
  • Camera – 16MP / 5MP
  • Processor – Snapdragon 810
  • RAM – 4GB
  • Storage – 32GB, 64GB
  • IP rating – IP 67
  • Battery – 2800 mAh

Below are the best waterproof smartphones which are currently available in the Indian market:

SmartphoneIP RatingWaterproof
Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeIP68Water and dust resistant
iPhone XIP67Water and dust resistant
LG V30+IP68Water and dust resistant
HTC U12+IP68Water and dust resistant
Samsung Galaxy S9+IP68Water and dust resistant
Huawei P20 ProIP67Water and dust resistant
Google Pixel 2IP67Water and dust resistant
Samsung Galaxy Note 8IP68Water and dust resistant
Motorola Moto X4IP68Water and dust resistant
Apple iPhone 8 PlusIP67Water and dust resistant
Sony XZ PremiumIP68Water and dust resistant

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