Rs 501 4G Smartphone ChampOne C1 is Fake 3 Key Reasons

Rs 501 4G Smartphone is Here

If you have not heard the ChampOne C1 is the smartphone which promises to have everything you need in a budget smartphone for just Rs. 501. The newcomer company “ChampOne” is getting enormous online popularity just like the Freedom 251 for offering this insanely low priced smartphone.

The ChampOne is the company behind the smartphone and they call themselves as a newcomer to the mobile business. The smartphone maker is also planning to launch a tablet, a smartwatch, and other gadgets soon.

Rs 501 4G Smartphone ChampOne C1 is Fake 3 Key Reasons

The Champ C1 will be available through a flash sale on 2nd September 2016 and you need to do a pre-registration to buy the smartphone. The company has laid out some rules to participate in the flash sale.

Steps to Register for the Flash Sale for ChampOne C1

  • Click on Register Now button on their official website (I have given the link at the end of article)
  • You need to fill all necessary details and purchase Champ 1 Clean Master App.
  • You will get a product key which will be used as registration number as well.

The Champ One specifies that the smartphone actually is worth Rs. 8,000 but they are giving it for Rs. 501. We were critical and warned about the Freedom 251 when it came because it was not a viable deal and eventually they failed to deliver the smartphones for a majority of users and supplied just a few units. The case will be same for the ChampOne.

Let’s first have a Quick look at the Specs of the smartphone.

Key Specs ChampOne C1

  • Processor – MTK 6735 QuadCore Clocked at 1.3 Ghz
  • Ram – 2 GB
  • Display – 5.0 inch IPS HD (1280*720)
  • Storage – 16 GB
  • Android Lollipop 5.1
  • Rear Camera – 8 MP , Front Camera – 5 MP
  • Dual Sim – Yes
  • Battery – 2500
  • Fingerprint Scanner – Yes
  • 4G LTE
  • Price – Rs. 501

Here is Why the Rs 501 ChampOne C1  is a Fake?

1). The first thing is that it is not a viable business case for any business no matter how large it is and the unprofessional website without any promoter information says it all. No business group will create a website like this without sharing credible information about the promoters and people behind the venture.

2). The pricing is outrageous, this is not even possible for Reliance JIO which is the largest corporate house in India with market valuation of few lakh crores. They are also selling at minimum Rs. 3,000.

3). You Need to Buy the Clean Master App which the company has developed – Is it a way to sell their app to everyone and then sell the smartphone to very few people. A good way to get a sale for App. Even the name of the App is copied from the original Clean Master App which is really popular on Android play store. They are not going to play store to sell the App.

Should you buy the ChampOne C1 ?

Or should you stay away from this fake deal, I would suggest staying away from it as “What looks too good to be true, never turns out to be true”.

The company has mentioned the following address to connect with them Bombay Motors Cir, Pratap Nagar, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342003 and the numbers provided are ( +91 7230090101, +91 7230090102) – You can visit the Website for the ChampOne Here. We tried connecting to these numbers and as usual, there was no answer to these.

If someone tries can ask for how many smartphones they would be selling and can they give a confirmation about the price for the clean master App it will be really helpful.  We will update the article as things progress.


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