Samsung Galaxy C Series Can Offer Incredible Metal Build

Samsung has created another series for its Galaxy smartphones which will be known as the “C” series.

The news of Samsung galaxy C series first appeared on a website that tracks import, export from India. Samsung has raised our expectations with the brilliant S7 and S7 Edge design, we hope Samsung to bring that awesomeness to the upcoming C series.

Samsung Galaxy C Series Can Offer Incredible Metal Build

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The website leaked a shipment record of two packages, each carrying 4 Samsung devices with the model named as “C-5000”.

The packages were originated from China and imported to Delhi and usually the devices are imported for testing purpose in India.

Further, the existence of this new series is confirmed as it also appeared on Geek Bench, the smartphones benchmarking website.

The test results revealed the smartphone’s hardware, which confirms a high end smartphone.

Samsung C Series To Offers Incredible Metallic Design.

The smartphone carries a model number SM – C5000, and features a 5.2-inch screen, the list revealed MSM8952 chipset which is an Octa-core Snapdragon 617 processor.

The device memory was mentioned as 3632MB, so it is a 4GB RAM module. The smartphone is running on the latest OS from Google, Android marshmallow 6.0.1 as per the leaks.

Apart from the C-5000 device, another device codenamed as C-7000 is also spotted, but none of its specifications or any other details are revealed yet.

Naming suggests that the C-7000 will come with better specs in comparison to the C-500 or there can be a difference in the screen size and some added features.

Samsung’s each series represents a unique feature, the S series is meant for its high-end phones and are called the super smart phones, like the S7 and S7 edge.

The A series mean Alpha and have premium built quality and near flagship features.

The J series mean Joy and will range from low-end to mid-range smartphones.

The E series otherwise called elevate, have mid-range specs. And the Z series runs Samsung’s own Tizen OS.

Now the C series is expected to have a metal build and mid-range specification, previously the metal built smartphones were categorized for the A series, but now the A series is evolved to Metal and glass built.

The pricing of the device as per the shipment data was 13625 INR each, and the device may be sold above 15,000 INR, when it hits the market.

Sam revealed some more news on the status of this device, at present the smartphone’s firmware is under development which means the device’s hardware is finalized and there won’t be any changes to it.

The C series is expected to be launched by next month and some sources say that those devices will be exclusive to China at first and later on will get a world premier.  Though the devices launch possibility in India is quite high as they are getting tested here.

We will update as more details emerge for the mysterious C series from Samsung.

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