Samsung Galaxy Note 4 New Ads Teases Apple iPhone 6

Samsung continues it’s teaser campaign against apple with the latest series of Teaser Ads. In the past few months Samsung has launched various teaser ads the popular one was Wall Huggers and Apple I phone 6 screen size. This may have been able to create a doubt in the minds of buyers who perceive Apple as a synonym to innovation.


Steve Jobs himself emphasized that 4.0 inch is the perfect size for a smartphone as you can use it single handedly and now apple has changed that stance.  On the other hand all this doesn’t matter one bit to Apple followers who have pre-ordered millions of Apple iphone 6 smartphones. Here are the video Ads enjoy them.

The teaser Ads are based on the theme “It Doesn’t Take a Genius” which targets apple’s late adoption of  large screen size phones

It Doesn’t Take a Genius

Samsung Mocks Apple in New S6 Wireless Charging Ad

The Add is withdrawn
These are the series of 6 Ads which boasts of Note 4 superiority over a the Apple i phone 6 , I am not sure whether Samsung is teasing apple or in process showing insecurity and actually promoting apple I Phone 6 more.

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