Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Improved Design Premium 5.7 Inch Phablet

Samsung has launched the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 yesterday at an event in US. The smartphone or rather the 5.7 inch phablet got a design boost though Samsung has stuck to the 5.7 inch screen size for the phablet.

Update – Samsung is planning to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in India on 7 September 2015. Samsung has sent media invites for the India launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Stay tuned for pricing and availability.  The smartphone will likely go for pre-orders in the next week after the Samsung Event.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Improved Design Premium 5.7 Inch Phablet launched

The Samsung Note 5 has got some elemental design changes from the outgoing Note 4 – The leather back cover is replaced with the glass back like the Samsung S6 edge.

The new smartphone was launched with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which is also similarly sized with 5.7 inch screen.

It is interesting to note that Samsung has scrubbed the Note Edge this year and just launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 without the curved edge display.

The Samsung S6 Edge+ serves the need for the large screen curved edge phablet.

Samsung Gaalxy Note 5 image

The Samsung Note 5 offers improved performance and specs other than the design changes it has gone through this year.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a non curved 5.7 inch Super Amoled Display with a Quad HD (2560*1440) resolution. The screen is gorgeous to read and play games on with a 518 PPI.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 runs on the 14nm, worlds most advanced processor – The Exynos 7420. The Octa Core processor has tremendous potential and power and is coupled with 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM. The smartphone will be available in 32 GB and 64 GB variants when it goes on Sale on August 21.

The Samsung Note 5 much like the S6+ has a 16 MP rear camera which comes with OIS (Optical – Image – Stabilization)  fast Autofocus and soft tone lens.

The front camera is also bumped up from last years Note 4 (3.7 MP) camera to a 5 MP wide angle camera.

Samsung Galaxy note 5

The smartphone runs on the latest Android Lollipop 5.0 along with the Samsung signature touch wiz UI. The Smartphone has a new Youtube app which lets you stram videos live from the Galaxy Note 5 camera to Youtube.

The Note 5 has a slightly longer Stylus and is made quite intuitive in terms of user writing experience with upgrade to the software, it responds better than the earlier generations of S-Pens.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 image 2

In the Note 5 you will not require to unlock the phone and then open up Notes app to start scribbling, you can do that on the home screen without wasting any time to jot down the quick note.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 supports high speed 4G LTE advanced network which means you can get blazing fast 300 MB/S speed on the Note 5.

The smartphone has a 3000 mAH battery capacity which is slightly lower when compared to the last year Note 4 with 3220 mAH battery capacity.

The battery has now become non-removable and the support for the external memory card is gone too in wake of design changes for the Note 5.

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Samsung Gaalxy Note 5 wireless charging

The smartphone offers quick charge feature as well as wireless charging options which were also there on the Samsung S6 devices.

Overall we feel the changes are positive and Samsung is moving in the right direction, but are they significant to update from the Samsung Note 4 or Samsung S6, I don’t think so.

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