Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Vs Note 4 The Better Option

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Vs. Note 4 – Which is the Right Choice

Samsung has launched the Note Edge in India for Rs. 64,900 or 1050$. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is quite similar to the Samsung Note 4 which is available for Rs. 54,900 in the Indian market.The major difference lies in the Note  Edge’s screen which has a curved surface on one side for notification and quick access to tools and Apps.

The Samsung Note  Edge is an innovative phone like what LG did with the LG G Flex smartphone, which was able to bend.

The Note Edge looks precisely like note 4 from the back, but the front has a transformed display with edge notification screen, which makes multitasking and access to specific apps quicker and easier.

It may take some time to see how successful the smartphone will be among buyers as it is an unusual concept.

Update (11/1/2015) – Samsung announced 10% Cashback on the purchase of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using credit and debit card. 

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Vs Note 4

The Edge display is the distinguishing feature between both the Samsung Note 4 & Samsung Note Edge. The hardware and software are substantially same in both the devices. Camera and S-Pen function is also identical.

To understand & visualize the Samsung Note Edge display let’s explore it in Pictures.

Samsung Note Edge Display – What is Different!

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Vs Note 4

On the edged display, you can see the shortcut to Dialer, Contacts, SMS and web browser which you can use for easy & fast access.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Vs Note 4

You can swipe the Edge Display up – down or sideways to get more options, like swiping it down gives us access to tools like Stopwatch, recorder, scale, etc.

Samsung Note 4 edge Display features


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 edge display

Swiping sideways you can get more ribbons on the edge display like shown above, S-Health stats, Weather, messages, email, etc.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Vs Note 4

You can manage the Edge Panel by going into settings and customize it to your liking. You can get the shortcuts and information that you want at your home screen edge panel.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 edge display

It is a seamless integration of edge panel; you cannot make out where the screen is ending and where your edge panel starts. It is the same screen, not two different screens; the screen is parted in front display and the edge panel.

Watching Videos on the Samsung Edge Curved Display

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Vs Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Vs Note 4

While watching videos on Youtube or otherwise, the edge panel also becomes part of the screen, and you can enjoy videos on full screen. The videos don’t look weird on the edge part of the screen. The display text My Galaxy Note Edge disappears when you tap the screen while watching videos and video is played in full-screen mode.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Vs Note 4 The Better Option

Comparing the Detailed Specs for Both Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Vs. Note 4 
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Vs. Note 4  Specs/Features Comparison
Smartphone NameSamsung Galaxy Note 4Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Dimensions153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm151.3 x 82.4 x 8.3 mm
Display5.7 inches Super AMOLED, 2560 x 1440 pixels.5.6” Quad HD+ Super AMOLED (2560×1600).
Pixel Density515 PPI524 PPI
Front CameraYes, 3.7 Megapixel.Yes, 3.7 Megapixel.
Rear Camera16-megapixel ISOCELL, LED flash, Optical Stabilisation, 2160p video.16-megapixel ISOCELL, LED flash, Optical Stabilisation, 2160p video.
Video RecordingYes, 3840 x 2160Yes, 3840 x 2160
UISamsung TouchWiz.Samsung TouchWiz.
ConnectivitymicroUSB, Bluetooth, NFC,dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS, 4G.microUSB, Bluetooth, NFC,dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS, 4G.
Battery3,220mAh3000 mAH
Dual SimNoNo
Storage32GB, microSD up to 128 GB.32GB, microSD up to 128 GB.
Processor, RAM, Graphics2.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core Krait 450, 3GB RAM, Adreno 420 GPU.2.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core Krait 450, 3GB RAM, Adreno 420 GPU.
Operating System,Android 4.4.4 KitKat (Upgrade to 5.0 expected).Android 4.4.4 KitKat (Upgrade to 5.0 expected).
S-PENPhoto editing and writing notes.Photo editing and writing notes.
Weight176 Grams174 Grams
Thickness8.5 mm8.3mm
Battery RemovableYesYes
4G & 3G supportYesYes
PriceRs. 54,900Rs. 64,900
Further OS UpdatesSlow Roll Out By Samsung.Slow Roll Out By Samsung.
Design and LooksLooks more Like Note 3.Unique Design – Experimental Features.
Finger Print ScannerYesYes

There is little to distinguish them apart from other than the screen and small reduction in battery capacity of the Samsung Note Edge to accommodate the edge panel.

Samsung Note edge also features the fast charging feature like Note 4, Samsung Boasts of 50% battery charge in 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge Vs Note 4
Fast Battery Charging On Note Edge

The Camera Quality is brilliant and same as of Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Camera Note 4

Verdict: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Vs. Note 4

Samsung Note Edge sports a very experimental, unproven design and looks. It is revolutionary in its own way, and the curved edge makes it stand out in the hoard of smartphones. If you like an unconventional, untried concept and want to stand out from the crowd, you can buy with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. If you are more conventional and would like the reliability of Samsung Flagship which has excellent proven design specs and features, Samsung Note 4 will be the right choice.

Samsung Note 4 is a device which appeals to buyers who want top end Hardware with elegant design, superb finish, and great Android Experience. If we compare Note 4 with a  Moto X Gen 2 or Nexus 5 or Nexus 6, it looks more professional and lacks the youthful causal looks of Moto or Nexus. Samsung Note 4 is sophisticated to the core & meant for business and pleasure.

Samsung Note edge is launched recently, and user reviews after prolonged usage will help in deciding how easy and intuitive it is to work. Does the curved display help users navigate faster and make life simple.

One more factor in purchase decision can be the additional 8-10 thousand that you need to shell out on the Note Edge, which can be a deciding factor for value seekers.

Competition – In the same specs range you can look at Google Nexus 6 or LG G3 or HTC M8 if you are planning to buy an Android flagship smartphone. Samsung is also expected to launch the Snapdragon 810 based Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S 6 soon. They will be 64-bit smartphones to stand tall against Apple’s iPhone 6 A8 64-bit processor.

Do share your thoughts on what you think of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

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