Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 8 GB RAM Snapdragon 835 : Leaks

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 8 GB RAM Snapdragon 835 6 Inch Display : Leaks

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 8 GB RAM Snapdragon 835 : Leaks – Samsung is planning something big and bold. The smartphones which have to be perfect, they can’t afford to do anything wrong, after the Note 7.  The next years Flagship devices – Samsung S8 Plus and Samsung S8. If rumors are to be believed, Samsung is looking forward to launch 2 new smartphones, in 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 8 GB RAM Snapdragon 835

The 5.0 Inch Screen Size Smartphone is referred as Samsung Galaxy S8, while the larger 6.0 Inch Display device is called as the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. The latest leaks suggest that Samsung could launch both the smartphones in April 2017, while some of the early reports claimed a Feb 2017 date.

After the Note 7 disaster, Samsung would have to be extra careful with testing and quality control, on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. There is going to be immense pressure on Samsung, to get everything (Hardware and software) right this time. Samsung will be broke if something goes wrong.

The Samsung Note 7 was launched in August 2016, and was the last flagship smartphone from Samsung which got recalled due to the exploding batteries issues. Probably it is one of the most talked about smartphones but for all the wrong reasons.

They won’t hurry the device to the market, this time, as they did with Note 7. They launched it ahead of the iPhone 7 and paid the price for not doing extended quality tests.

Apple have gained from the loss of sales from the Samsung Note 7, and the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus faced lesser competition.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Coming to some of the alleged Spec for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is touted to come with a 6.0 Inch display with a Quad HD (2560*1440) pixels resolution. The device is also touted to come with low bezels, and will offer remarkably higher screen to body ratio. Xiaomi Mi Mix and the Huawei Honor Magic are already a giant leap in design of bezel less devices.

The 6.0 Inch display can fill the gap for the Samsung Note 7, and also could be a bit different offering for the customers, looking for great large display mobile.

The other big addition could be the fastest Qualcomm Chipset ever made – Snapdragon 835. In November 2016, Qualcomm and Samsung did a joint press event and shared that they are collectively working on the next generation Snapdragon 835 processor. The processor will use the Samsung 10 Nm manufacturing process and can be 27% faster and 40% more energy efficient compared to the current Snapdragon 821 chipset.

The other major addition to the smartphone would be the 8 GB RAM as the Snapdragon 835 would also come with support for LPDDR4 8 GB RAM.  Samsung S8 plus is also alleged to come with the UFS 2.1 flash storage which offers faster performance compared to the current generation of storage.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumored to be coming with a slightly smaller display – 5.0 inch when compared to the 5.2 inch on the Samsung Galaxy S7. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will also have a Quad HD resolution AMOLED display with minimal bezels.

It is also likely to come with the same Snapdragon 835 processor and can come with 6 GB of RAM. It is yet not clear if Samsung will continue with the glass back design but it is difficult to see much of a design change, in the coming year.

Also it would be interesting to see if Samsung takes cues from Huawei and Apple and come with a Dual camera smartphone. Or if they will improve the already great 12 Mega Pixel camera of  Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Definitely we can expect the smartphones to come with Dual Curved display and waterproof design, as we have seen this year.

You don’t have to believe all that is said above. Leaks are like Tech Fiction, and this could also be the best tech fiction, you have read today. We will have to wait for couple of months for things to become more clear. Stay Tuned, thanks for being a Candytech reader. Share your thoughts in Comments below.

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