Samsung Leader 8-Samsung Flip Phone With Dual Display

Samsung Leader 8 – Flip Phones are Back

Flip phones are long gone and nobody uses a flip phone in 2017, but Samsung is making some cool flip phones in case you change your mind and want to buy one.

The new Samsung Flip phone is called as Samsung Leader 8 or codenamed as SM-G9298, and it is launched only in China.

Samsung Leader 8 - Samsung Flip Phone With Dual Display

The Samsung Leader 8 has aluminum construction and comes with a great build quality and finish. Inside the clamshell, you find the older T9 keyboard which I was really fond of once. The smartphone reminds of the Moto Razr which is one of the epic flip phones of all time.

The pleasure of disconnecting a call by closing shut the flip phone was another level of swag which is certainly missing on the more and more similar glass and metal phones coming these days.

Specs and Features – Leader 8

The smartphone comes with Dual Display, there is one display outside the shell and there is one full Display inside of the mobile when you open the flip phone.

Both the display are 4.2 Inch Full HD (1920*1080) pixels, Super AMOLED type. Samsung has even added a cool fingerprint scanner at the back of the device below the 12 Megapixel rear camera. The camera comes with f/1.7 aperture lens like many other top of the line Samsung smartphones.

Samsung Leader 8-Samsung Flip Phone With Dual Display

The Samsung Leader 8 is not a 90s flip phone with mediocre specs, it is a powerful beast and comes with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Processor and 4 GB of Ram to make sure it is super fast.

The smartphone will run on the Android Nougat 7.1 along with a tweaked Samsung touch wiz UI. The Leader 8 is 15.8 mm thick, you can fit two iPhone 7 in that much space and comes with a modest 2300 mAH capacity battery. The Samsung Flip phone comes with 64 GB of internal storage and also has support for wireless charging.

Additionally, There is support for NFC and Samsung Pay for the Leader 8. There is no word on the pricing of the smartphone and it is also unlikely to launch anywhere else apart from China.

Though the flip phone comes with the nostalgia of some great old memories with the Moto Razr and other flip phones it is difficult to say if there is a large market for flip phones. But Samsung is keeping the flip phone culture alive as they launched one flip phone last year also – Samsung Folder.

Information Source – Gizmodo

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