Samsung Note 7 Is Finally Dead : Sale and Replacement Stopped

Samsung has issued the official statement that the Samsung Note 7 should not be sold by partners. The replacement units should also not be given to the customers.

Samsung has also urged to all the Samsung Note 7 buyers to return the Samsung Note 7 whether it is a replacement or original unit to the seller from where they have purchased.

Samsung Note 7 Is Finally Dead : Sale and Replacement Stopped

The Samsung Note 7 users can opt for a refund or a different model like the Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 edge in place of the Note 7 depending on seller discretion.

Samsung Note 7 Is Finally Dead : Sale and Replacement Stopped

The move comes after the replacement Samsung Note 7 units also started burning and are also termed unsafe. Most of the partners like AT&T , Verizon and T-Mobile have already stopped selling /replacing the Note 7.

Samsung in the official statement has urged that the users of Samsung Note 7 should power off the device and take advantage of remedies available.

Here is the official statement from Samsung:


Samsung is in a deeper mess with the Samsung Note 7. Apart from the loss of sales and recall cost; the damage to the brand is irrevocable.  Samsung has got too much negative publicity from Note 7, I wonder if they will ever release a new Note device.

Lot of smartphone buyers may not buy the next Samsung Note 8 if it comes next year, on the fear of potential failure. This incident will also impact the sales of Samsung S8, especially the pre-orders will suffer.

This is the biggest mess I have seen any mobile manufacturer in the last 10 years.

We hope Samsung recovers from it, and at the same time feel sad about the greatest smartphone ever made, had such a fate.

Source – Samsung News Room

Here is a recent Video of exploding Samsung Note 7 in Korea Burger King :


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