Samsung Note 7 Is Finally Dead : All About The Great Note 7

Samsung has issued the official statement that the Samsung Note 7 should not be sold by partners. The replacement units should also not be given to the customers.

Samsung has also urged to all the Samsung Note 7 buyers to return the Samsung Note 7 whether it is a replacement or original unit to the seller from where they have purchased.

Samsung Note 7 Is Finally Dead : Sale and Replacement Stopped

The Samsung Note 7 users can opt for a refund or a different model like the Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 edge in place of the Note 7 depending on seller discretion.

Samsung Note 7 Is Finally Dead : Sale and Replacement Stopped

The move comes after the replacement Samsung Note 7 units also started burning and are also termed unsafe. Most of the partners like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have already stopped selling /replacing the Note 7.

Samsung in the official statement has urged that the users of Samsung Note 7 should power off the device and take advantage of remedies available.

Here is the official statement from Samsung:


Samsung is in a deeper mess with the Samsung Note 7. Apart from the loss of sales and recall cost; the damage to the brand is irrevocable.  Samsung has got too much negative publicity from Note 7, I wonder if they will ever release a new Note device.

Lot of smartphone buyers may not buy the next Samsung Note 8 if it comes next year, on the fear of potential failure. This incident will also impact the sales of Samsung S8, especially the pre-orders will suffer.

This is the biggest mess I have seen any mobile manufacturer in the last 10 years.

We hope Samsung recovers from it, and at the same time feel sad about the greatest smartphone ever made, had such a fate.

Source – Samsung News Room

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Killed A Perfect Year for Samsung

It is a really tough time for Samsung as its latest flagship gets the blame for more than thirty-five fire accidents, just after a few weeks of sales.

People are sharing pictures of their burnt Note 7 creating a bad reputation for the phone, despite many positive Tech reviews.  Add to this, the airlines from U.S/India and many other countries have put a ban on usage of this particular device in their flights.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Killed A Perfect Year for Samsung

Samsung sold more than 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 units around ten countries in the opening weeks. The company made a rough estimation that 1 out of 42000 Note 7 units might be defective.

There can be more units which are defective, and yesterday Samsung issued a note stating that all Samsung Note 7 units should be returned and new units will be issued soon.

The Best Smartphone Ever Made is a Mess

Samsung Note 7 Pre Registrations Opens Sale Starts 2 Sept India

What a mess of the best smartphone Samsung ever made or probably the best smartphone that was ever made by anyone in the world.

Better than the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus. ( It has the 3.5 mm jack and also has far, far superior display than the Apple’s latest).

A small mistake by someone, who should have done thorough testing of battery cycles before actual shipment. But To err is Human, Apple had a similar issue when they launched the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 had an antenna issue and call connect/drop problem when the phone was held in a particular way. The problem was made even worse by late Steve Jobs telling customers they are holding it wrong. It was a nightmare for Apple back then, and it is for Samsung now.

After all these incident Samsung announced that customers could swap their existing Galaxy Note 7 devices.

What Caused the Samsung Note 7 to Explode?

It is stated that these fire accidents took place when left for charging, and so the defect might be with the batteries. Samsung found that the burned units carried batteries of one particular Supplier out of the two.

Which also saved the sales of the Unit from suspension in China as the units shipped to China carried the battery of another supplier. But some reports claim fire incidents happen due to the usage of a converter cable for micro USB to Type C, which means people may have left there phone charging with older incompatible charger.

One of such recent incident happened in Florida. Where a man left a charging Samsung Galaxy note 7 inside his jeep. Within minutes he found the jeep in flames. However, the man says he left the engine running to power the AC and charging port, which may also be a cause for the fire. But the blame was put on Note 7.


In another incident, a man left his note 7 charging in his garage and after a while found the garage was on fire, according to fire brigade investigation, the fire emerged from the wall socket where the Note 7 was left for charging.

Smartphones getting fire are not a new thing, every smartphone brand from YU to Apple all suffered such issue and one or two cases even resulted in death,  but 35 incidents within a week are disastrous for any brand.

Koh-Dong Jin Head of Samsung on the Issue

Commenting on the issue, Koh-Dong Jin head of Samsung’s smartphone business said on recall of Samsung Devices ‘There was a tiny problem in the manufacturing process, so it was very difficult to figure out and fix with a software update. ‘It will cost us so much it makes my heart ache. Nevertheless, the reason we made this decision is that what is most important is customer safety.’

What Samsung Loses From this Fiasco?

Samsung has lost 10 billion Dollar of valuation since they announced that the Note 7 has a fault and they need to recall all the units. Several analysts are predicting that the Samsung Note 7 fiasco can help Apple gain ground this year which was earlier looking difficult with iPhone 7 not meeting customers expectations.

The Samsung Note 7 will help Apple gain at least 10 to 15% extra sales this year and couple of Billion dollars more to their profits. On the other hand, Samsung Note 7 recall will cost dollar 1 billion to the Korean conglomerate which has over 23 billion dollars of cash reserve.

Samsung S7 and S7 edge brought tremendous success to Samsung this year, clearly the best smartphones in 2016. What Samsung was not able to achieve with the Samsung S5, S6, S6 edge and Samsung Note 5, the S7 and S7 edge did it for them. Samsung reported highest revenue in the last quarter and profits surged by 18% to 7.19 billion dollars.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Killed A Perfect Year for Samsung. If Note 7 had worked as intended, it would have been the best year for Samsung smartphones regarding sales and revenue.

More than the money it shakes consumer confidence about the brand, and it will take a lot more effort to come back to the position Samsung was poised to be this year.

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Prankster Names Wifi Hotspot Samsung Note 7, Scares and Delays Flight

Though the Samsung Note 7 is dead and Samsung Electronics is expecting everyone to forget about it and move on. There are small incidents around the globe which continue to ignite the fire again.

Prankster Names Wifi Hotspot Samsung Note 7

In a Virgin Atlantic US Flight, a passenger named the WIFI Hotspot as Samsung Note 7 , though he was not carrying an actual Samsung Note 7 device. Another passenger on the same flight, while looking for a hotspot found the Samsung Note 7 Wifi connection. He then quickly alerted the crew and tweeted about the incident.

The Cabin crew and the pilot made the announcements, that the Samsung Note 7 is not allowed on board US flights. The crew said till the device is not found they are not going to take off, and the flight is going to be delayed.

After some commotion, the pranksters told the crew that they have just named the hotspot as Samsung Note 7 for fun. While there is no Samsung Note 7 device on board the flight. Though the incident caused a minor delay, no legal action is taken against the mischievous pranksters.

While Samsung Note 7 is already dead and Samsung has replaced most of the Note 7 devices, there are still some of the Note 7 devices out there which are thought to be dangerous. As the exploding batteries can cause series injuries to people around.

Replacement Samsung Note 7 Burn Grounds Southwest Plane

A Samsung Note 7 which is replaced unit termed as “Safe to Use” got exploded in a Southwest Airlines flight in the US.

Southwest Airlines flight 994 from Louisville to Baltimore was about to take off when Mr. Brian Green’s replaced Samsung Note 7 units starting puffing smoke in his pocket. He threw the smartphone on the plane floor, and it starting fuming and burning the carpet and floor below. Causing some damage to the plane.

Update 10 October 2016 – Samsung has halted the production of Samsung Note 7 reports Wall Street Journal. The Samsung Note 7 replacement units also are overheating, and so far there have been 3 confirmed cases of smartphone catching fire.

Samsung released a new statement on 8th October stating that “We are temporarily adjusting the Galaxy Note 7 production schedule to take further steps to ensure quality and safety matters,” without elaborating any further.

Brian Green’s Samsung Note 7 Burnt on Southwest Plane. 

Replacement Samsung Note 7 Burns Grounds Southwest Plane

Brian Green has confirmed that he picked up the replacement unit on 12th Sept 2016 and it came with green battery indicator along with the black dot which surely points out it was a replaced Note 7 unit.

Replacement Samsung Note 7 Burns Grounds Southwest Plane

The smartphone was switched off and still somehow caught fire while the battery was around 80% as told by Mr. Green.

The plane was grounded, and passengers were asked to take other flights. It is a high level of drama and commotion to ground a full flight and then deplane all passengers and find new flights for them.

Samsung has stated that they will investigate the matter and check if the smartphone which exploded was a replaced Note 7 unit and what went wrong.

Samsung is in a mess, bigger than they ever thought if the replacement units too start to fail and explode it is going to create bigger trust issues, not for only Note 7 but other Samsung phones.

Frequent Reminder on Flights – Irrevocable Brand Image

Before the above incident 2 days back I was traveling from Mumbai to Chandigarh in a Go Air flight. I thought the Note 7 warnings would have disappeared and crew is unlikely to mention it.

But to my surprise, they announced about the Note 7 but also to keep the Note 2 in the switched off state.

The inquisitive fellow sitting next to me was watching me use my Samsung S7 and finally muttered “Samsung phones are unsafe.”

I gave him a mind your f**king business look and again got lost in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs.

Samsung has done unknowingly irrevocable damage to its reputation and for a second gave me a feeling of uneasiness, nothing more. But what if I had a Note 7 or a Note 2 and next seat apple fanboy said it is unsafe.

Probably I would given the mind your own F**k*** business look and would have said it loud too. This is irrevocable damage which is difficult to fix in the short term for Samsung.

I can bet Lee Kun Hee (Samsung Chairman) would have been happier without a Samsung Note 7 this year.

Samsung Note 7 Pre Registrations Opens Sale Starts 2 Sept India

Samsung launched the much awaited Samsung Note 7 yesterday at a global launch event. The smartphone is already up for pre-registration on the Samsung India website.

The global sales for the Samsung Note 7 will start on 2nd September in India, and it is likely India will also get the same launch date as other major countries. Samsung has priced the new Samsung Note 7 at Rs. 59,990, and it will be available for purchase from Flipkart.

Update – 09/August/2016

As per the latest update, the Samsung Note 7 is likely to get unveiled on 11th August 2016 in New Delhi.  Also if you are wondering – Will the Samsung Note 7 reach a similar success as the S7 and S7 edge, there is some conforming positive news, Samsung Note 7 has done 200,000 pre-registrations in South Korea in just 2 days of opening.

Samsung Note 7 – 6 GB RAM and 128 GB Storage – Samsung has also confirmed that there will be a Samsung Note 7 which will come with 50% more Ram (6 GB) and twice the storage 128 GB. But the catch is this model is going to get launched only in China and other countries will have to wait for long to get the more powerful Note 7.

Samsung Note 7 is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which was released last year and this year Samsung has skipped the name Samsung Note 6. The Samsung Note 7 highlight is the Iris Scanner, USB Type C Port, and the dual curved display; these three features have come to the Samsung Note first time.

Samsung Note 7 Pre Registrations Opens Sale Starts 2 Sept India

The Iris Scanner and the USB Type C port are the first for the Samsung devices and were not available on the Samsung S7 edge launched in March this year.


Samsung Note 7 comes with the similar design to the Samsung S7 edge with curved Dual glass front and the glass back cover. The Samsung Note 7 takes the already too good design of S7 edge and just refines it with no significant changes.

The symmetrical edges and design make the Samsung Note 7 quite comfortable and easy to hold in hand and the same time glass back cover makes it slippery and prone to fingerprints as are S7 and S7 edge.

Samsung Note 7 Pre Registrations Opens Sale Starts 2 Sept India

Samsung has amalgamated the Note 5 and S7 Edge design to create this year’s Note 7 which due to the curved edge display is about 2.2 mm thinner than the last years Samsung Note 5. The Samsung Note 7 has 7.9 mm thickness and weighs 169 grams, Quiet impressive.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with 5.7-inch display with Quad HD resolution with (2560*1440) pixels resolution and 518 PPI. It is similar OLED display in the S7 edge.

However, Samsung says that the curvature on the edges is different when compared to the S7 edge to make the Stylus work flawlessly on the Note 7.  The screen is now protected by the Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 which makes it more resistant to falls and scratches.

Samsung Note 7 Pre Registrations Opens Sale Starts 2 Sept India


A bit disappointed would be the Note fans who were probably looking for a faster Note 7 when compared to the S7 Edge. The Samsung Note 7 comes with the same Exynos 8890 / Snapdragon 820 processor and 4 GB of Ram which is there on the S7 and S7 Edge.

On the other hand, Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chip is already on the way which is 10% faster than the SD 820 and most phones are even having 6 GB of Ram. For example, the Asus Zenfone Deluxe is coming with the SD 821 and 6 GB Ram later next month.



There are no camera upgrades when compared to the Samsung S7 edge. But we don’t expect that Samsung could better the camera on the S7 edge so soon.

The Note 7 comes with the same 12 Megapixel F/1.7 aperture amazing rear camera, and there is a 5 Megapixel camera at the front to click selfies. Both the camera are best which are available on any smartphone out there including the rival phones from Cupertino.

Samsung Note 7 Pre Registrations Opens Sale Starts 19 Aug India

Battery And OS

Battery Life – The Note 7 gets a decent battery upgrade when compared to the last year’s Note 5; it comes with 3500 mAH non-removable battery capacity when compared to the 3000 mAH of Note 5. The interesting this is Samsung has been able to fit the large battery while reducing the thickness of the device. It will work all day efficiently as is the case with the S7 edge (has similar size battery capacity).

Operating System – Samsung Note 7 comes with the Android Marshmallow 6.0 Os and with the touch wiz UI. Samsung has improved the color scheme of the touch wiz UI and made it more refined in comparison to the S7.

The new improved UI gives a better user experience and offers far better experience compared to a Note 5.

Major Features And Upgrades

Water And Dustproof – Samsung has added the dust and waterproofing to the Note 7, it is the first Note to get this upgrade. The Note 7 comes with IP 68 rating, so you don’t need to worry about it getting wet in the monsoons.

Iris Scanner – This is also the highlight feature that Note 7 drives, you can unlock the Samsung Note 7 with your eyes by looking at the front camera. The Iris scanner works as an unlocking feature in addition to the fingerprint scanner which is present in the home button.


Improved Stylus

A Samsung Note will not be a note without the S-Pen (Stylus). The stylus this year too gets some upgrades. For starters, it has a finer tip to make it draw more clear sketches.  Besides, it is 2X pressure sensitive in comparison to the older stylus to ensure better shading and drawing.

Moreover, it is waterproof and can draw on a moist note surface too, if that is what you want.

Also, there is a neat feature of creating GIFs from videos playing on your Note 7 and share them on social media with ease.


USB Type C Port – The USB Type C port was missing on the S7, and S7 edge and Samsung corrects it with the Note 7. The USB Type C port comes with the support for fast charging, and there is also wireless charging support for the Samsung Note 7.

Always On Display 

There is always on display which shows notifications, calendar, and clock. The Note 7 also comes with a nifty feature to display your handwritten message as the always on display feature.

Gear VR 2

 Samsung has also launched the slightly upgraded version of the Gear VR with the Note 7 which will come free with the purchase of Note 7, or you can even opt for a micro-sd card instead of the VR.

Connectivity and Storage

Apart from having the New USB Type C port the Samsung Note 7 comes with Dual sim support. You can use the second sim slot as micro-sd card for up to 256 GB storage. It is ideal for storing 4K videos and large size images shot on the camera.

The Samsung Note 7 now comes with a 64 GB of storage, up from the 32 GB on Note 5. It also has an option to add a micro-sd card, which was not present on the Samsung Note 5.

Pricing And Availability

Coming to the real question what will all of the above going to cost you. Samsung has not shared the exact prices, but it will be in the range of $770 to $800, in the Indian market we can expect somewhere between Rs. 57000 to Rs. 60,000 as the launch price for the device.

It will cost more than the Samsung S7 Edge in India. There is an invite sent by Samsung India to media for an 11 August event, and we may see the unveiling of Note 7.

The sale may start from 19th August in India or after that, this we will confirm as some news flow from the Samsung India.

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