Samsung Quantum DOT 4K (QLED) TVs Are Insanely Expensive And Incredible

QLED TV By Samsung Price at Whooping Rs 314900 India –¬†Samsung, earlier this year, at an event in Paris announced its 2017 QLED TVs. Two days, the South Korean giant has launched them in India, and the five models are Samsung Q7, Q7F, Q8, Q8C, and Q9.

The new QLED TVs from Samsung will set you back with a starting price of Rs. 3,14,900 and goes all the up to Rs. 24,99,900. Samsung said that all the TVs would be available to purchase by the end of this month.

Samsung Quantum DOT 4K (QLED) TVs

Also, the best part of the announcement is that if a customer pre-books any of QLED TV between May 2 and May 21, he will receive a Samsung Galaxy S8+ as a freebie and that too in Gold color.

All the five TVs will be available in various screen sizes. The high-end variants- Q7, Q8, Q8C, and Q9 are available in three screen sizes- 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inches, whereas the Q7F will be available only in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes.

These new QLED TVs from Samsung are based on its Quantum Dot technology, which is built based on extremely light particles that are used to convert light into color and as a result, the image will be produced.

Samsung says that the new technology provides remarkably darker blacks and brighter whites. It is also said that the displays have the capability to exhibit an amount of 1500 to 2000 nits of brightness, which is an insane number. We don’t have that kind of brightness on smartphones even when they are used outdoors in daylight.

Samsung says that the TV can display all colors at any level of brightness and are superior to the OLED flagship TV’s which were launched in 2016. It is all possible as Samsung is using a new material along with the Quantum dot nanocrystals.

Besides the new display technology, Samsung has also come up with a new wall mounting solution, which will allow the QLED TVs to sit “absolutely flush with the wall.” Aside from this new wall mounting technology, Samsung is also providing other mounting options as well that includes a gravity stand and a studio stand.

These TVs are built upon new Smart TV interface, and users can also control the TV by downloading the Samsung Smart View app on their Android/iOS device. The TVs also come with voice control service and Shazam music service pre-built.

Samsung QLED TV

All the five QLED TVs come with a new optical cable, which combines all the cables into one, minus the power cord. The new 4K Quantum DOT TVs come with 4.2 Channel Digital Dolby Audio to enhance the viewing experience, what good is a picture without great sound.

Samsung is only offering 1 Year Comprehensive + 1 Year Additional on Panel warranty which I think is a bit low, there should be comprehensive accidental damage protection warranty at least for 3 years with these insanely priced TVs.

That’s a nice and unique way of proving tangle free cabling to customers. The new Samsung TVs are meant for Richi Rich and others can just ogle at it at Samsung experience store.

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