Samsung S8 – Snapdragon 830 and 6 GB RAM 4K Display

Top 10 Best Features and Expected Specs S8 !

After the Samsung Note 7 controversy which resulted in huge loss to the South Korean tech giant. Samsung has decided to discontinue the “ Note 7 “ production permanently and would launch the new  “Samsung Galaxy S8″  to make up for the Note 7 fiasco. So, according to the rumors we might get to see the Galaxy S8 in early 2017.

Samsung is also considering to launch a new Coral blue color of the Samsung S7 edge and focus more on the sales of Samsung S7 and the S7 edge to gain back some of the lost revenue. Definitely the Samsung Note 7 was the best smartphone in the market, and we expect that from the Samsung S8 too.

Samsung S8 - Snapdragon 830 and 6 GB RAM 4K Display

10 Things We Know of Upcoming Samsung S8

1). Curved Display – Samsung will no longer introduce any flat screen mobile in the Galaxy S series and we will get to see only curved smartphones just like the Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy S7 edge.

2). 4K Resolution – Samsung is working on two different models. Out of which one might be 5.1 inch model which will have QHD display with (1440×2560)p resolution and one 5.5 inch model with 4K (UHD) Amoled screen.  Earlier this year Samsung showed off a 4K smartphone display prototype for VR in San Francisco, so it might turn out to be a reality in Galaxy S8.

3). Dual camera – setups have become a buzz word in the smartphone world since Huawei and Apple has launched their smartphones with this new kind of technology which might change the Smartphone optics industry completely in the coming years. Samsung would not like to miss the dual camera party and as per the rumour suggests, Samsung will most likely introduce state of the art dual camera setup in the Galaxy S8 next year.

4). Iris scanner might be one of the most obvious feature in the Galaxy S8 , which we first saw in the Galaxy Note 7 , which literally had a blast (pun intended) for Samsung.

5). 6 GB RAM – Since the rumors regarding two different variants are strong, we might see the 5.5 inch model with 6 GB RAM just like the OnePlus 3 and the smaller variant may still have 4 GB RAM.

6).  Storage – Since Apple has made 32 GB as the base storage option, Samsung would like to make an advantage and make 64 GB as the base storage for the Galaxy S8 with storage options ranging up to 256 GB.

7). Snapdragon 830 – The flagship product of 2017, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 is most likely to feature in the Galaxy S8. Snapdragon 830 will be manufactured by Samsung’s 10 Nm process which will be big advancement over the Snapdragon 820 which was built on the 14 nm process technology. Samsung might incorporate its home grown Exynos series in select markets. The Exynos 8895 will allegedly reach 3.0 GHz which might make it the fastest chipset in any android phone.

8). 3.5mm Jack – Samsung might also remove the 3.5 headphone jack and introduce a USB- C headphone jack for better audio experience just like the way LeEco introduced its CDLA (Continual Digital Lossless Audio) standard. It’s not yet sure whether it will use the same USB-C port for charging as well.

9). Artificial Intelligence – We have seen the rise of the AI during the Google Pixel launch and the amazing response Siri has received from all over the world. This might be the reason why Samsung decided to acquire Viv Labs, a start-up launched by the Siri creators, so we can see a smart AI in the Galaxy S8 which might replace the S Voice.

10). Truly Bezel less – This might seem highly unlikely but there are rumors suggesting that Samsung will remove the home button from the front and introduce an inbuilt fingerprint sensor with a bezel less full front display. This might make it one of the most beautiful and future proof device, if it comes to be true.

The launch of the Galaxy S8 can be expected in the month of February, 2017 with a price tag of $699  to $799 in the US market.

Written By Sahil Aggarwal.

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