Samsung Series 9 Laptops Are Stunning But Unavailable in India

Samsung is refreshing the Samsung Series 9 laptops this week, and they will come with the new Intel 7th Generation Kaby lake Processors. Apart from the new processor upgrades, the laptops are also getting some design changes, and are also going to be lighter.

Samsung Series 9 are top-selling laptops in some of the European and US markets, but unfortunately, Samsung has so far not brought them to the Indian market. Back in 2013, Samsung brought some of the stunning Series 5 laptops in India, with great display, sleek and irresistible build, and tempting Nvidia GTX 650.

I bought one of those, and they were one of the best machines at that time in the market, with the top of the line hardware and affordable price. Samsung, later on, stopped selling laptops in India, and now very few models are sold, and even the Samsung Series 9 is yet not launched.

Samsung Series 9 Laptops

Samsung Series 9 Laptops Are Stunning But Unavailable in India

The Samsung Series 9 refresh, bring 13 inch and 15-inch models, which are extremely lightweight and powerful too. The Samsung Series 9 (13.3-inch model) weighs just 0.81 Kg and the 15-inch model weighs unbelievably low at 0.98 Kg.

The 15 inch model with less than 1 KG weight is really a feat of engineering. And Samsung has not used the low powered Core M processor, as is used in the 12 inch MacBook. To compare, the 12 inch MacBook weighs 0.9 Kg.

15 inch Samsung Series 9 laptop, is ridiculously light and portable for a full-size machine.  It is almost half Kg lighter when compared to the last generation. The Samsung Series 9 notebooks don’t pack any gimmicky feature like the touch bar but are more focused to offer pure performance and portability.

The Samsung Series 9 Notebooks comes with the 7th Gen Core i5 or the Core i7 Kaby lake processors. Add 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and you have a super fast machine. Obviously, there is SSD as a storage medium to keep things running fast and silent. Samsung Series 9 will come with 256 GB of SSD. Both Laptops have Full HD Display panel.

Though Samsung has managed to reduce the weight, there is a catch. With thin machines, there is always a catch – the battery life. Samsung claims the NoteBook can offer up to 7 hours of battery life. But we will have to see, how it does in the real-life scenario, though Samsung and batteries don’t go well together (Samsung Note 7).

Additionally, Samsung has added a USB TYPE C Port charger to ensure that the laptop can get charged 100% in just 80 minutes.

From the design point of view, things are mostly same when compared to the last generation. Though some minor changes are there, the keycaps are same colored as the laptop body while in older Series 9 machines key were black.

Samsung has though added a fingerprint scanner to the laptop, which I think now is a must-have feature for laptops. Earlier very few laptops came with it like the Lenovo X1 Carbon. Recently, MacBook Pro 2016 also comes with a touch id (a fancy name for fingerprint reader).

Samsung usually keeps the pricing attractive for the Series 9, and we can expect close to $1200 for these machines. As I ranted above that there is no India availability and hence no India price estimate. Samsung may reveal the global price details at the upcoming CES 2017, in January.

Samsung Series 9 offers no-nonsense (no touch screen, no touch bar, no yoga, no nothing), portable, sleek, stunning, high performance at a reasonable price.

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