Samsung and Xiaomi Start Fierce Retail War

Samsung Vs Xiaomi Retail War – Who Will Win

Xiaomi has recently started to expand into the Indian retail business from a pure online player and the market leader Samsung don’t want to give it an inch of space.

Xiaomi has rolled out a preferred partner plan for retailers and signed up more than 200 retailers.

Samsung has reacted sharply and barred these retailers from getting any Samsung Smartphones since they have signed up for Xiaomi preferred channel partner.

Samsung and Xiaomi Start Fierce Retail War

Xiaomi plans to rope in over 1000 retailers in the preferred partner program and will be helping them to keep a healthy stock of Xiaomi smartphones and also will help with branding the outlets.

Samsung mid-level executives and sales team have told retailers as per an ET report that they will not be able to provide the stock of Samsung phones if they sign up for Xiaomi preferred partner program.

Manu Jani, Indian CEO of Xiaomi has sent a message to retailers offering more support and even a finance scheme for them in the near future.

With the top 2 mobile sellers going loggerhead in the Indian market things are heating up in the retail segment.

Mobile Market Share Xiaomi Vs Samsung (Update Feb 2018)

Xiaomi is number 1 now in the Indian market ahead of Samsung and has a share of 26.8%. On the other hand, Samsung has over 24% share of the mobile market followed by 6.5% of Vivo at number 3 position, as per a report by IDC. Xiaomi Beats Micromax and Lenovo in India to become No 2.

The number 4 is Lenovo with 5.6% share, and rest of the share is with other players like Lenovo, Motorola and Oppo.


Samsung clearly doesn’t want to give any space to Xiaomi in the retail market, which has focused mainly on the online sales so far to gain market share.

Xiaomi has many top selling smartphones in the market like the Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4, Redmi 4A and it has recently launched the Xiaomi Mi Max 2.

Xiaomi has taken a stiff target of $2 Bn India revenue for this year and it expects 35% of it will come from Retail.

But Samsung is planning to spoil the party with more putting more pressure on retailers who are shaking hands with Xiaomi. Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy Note 8 while Xiaomi has recently introduced the Mi Mix 2 grab the high-end market.

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