Seagate Launches 5 TB Portable External Hard Drive

Seagate Launches 5 TB Portable External Hard Drive

Being a hard-core gamer and binge Anime watcher, I always had to give up on any one of them while I travel. There is always a space crunch, whenever I think of downloading a new game which takes 60 GB hard disk or to back up my collection of TV series, or full-size photos and 4K Videos.

Not anymore I guess. Popular digital storage device manufacturer, Seagate unveiled the latest 5 TB portable external hard disk drive (STDR5000100) under its flagship brand Barracuda.

Seagate Launches 5 TB Portable External Hard Drive

The 5 TB drive is the largest external portable drive that you can lay your hands on. There are other drives available in 4 TB capacity, but this is the world’s first commercial 5 TB portable drive.

Seagate 5 TB Drive Key Features and Details

I prefer portable HDD over a non-portable one because I don’t have to use an external power source. This device can connect to a PC or Laptop through a standard USB 3.0 port. Seagate stated that we could expect up to 120 MB/s data transfer speed with the new 5 TB drive. Additionally, the drive is backward compatible with the USB 2.0 ports as well.

This 5 TB Backup plus portable HDD is also aided by a case with 0.8 mm thickness. For a 2.5 inch hard drive, this is highly portable and have enormous capacity, comes with an anodized aluminum casing. The aluminum casing will make the 5400 RPM drive secured and durable.

For taking custom backups, users can use the Seagate Dashboard software, which comes with easy local, mobile, cloud and social media backup features. The drive is compatible for both Windows PC users as well as Mac users. However, the Mac users will additionally require to install the NTFS drivers.  The drive uses minimal 2.1 W of power, and you can also use it with Android and iOS devices after installing the Seagate App.

Seagate Launches 5 TB Portable External Hard Drive

Other than standard black & silver colors, this is also available in blue, red colors adding more style.

The Seagate 5 TB  portable hard drive is available for $189 in the US which means you will have to pay approx Rs. 14,500 to Rs 15,500 in the Indian market for it. It is a bit expensive though a worthy investment if you are serious about backing up all your important data and media files.

Seagate already has the 4 TB external portable hard drive available in India, for Rs. 12,900

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