Should I Buy 4G Smartphone In India

Update – 24/April/2018 – A lot of Candytech readers have asked me whether they should buy a 4G LTE/VOLTE smartphone or is the 3G smartphone sufficient. First of all, let us explore some more fundamental facts and then eventually look at the answer.

Should I Buy 4G Smartphone In India

This article, however, is written for the Indian audience but the situation can be similar in many other countries.

Benefits of 4G Vs 3G

In most simple words 4G is faster compared to the 3G network, How fast is 4G compared to 3G – As per a study in UK average download speed on 3G is 1.5 MB/sec to 3 MB/Sec while on 4G is 10 MB/ sec to 13 MB/Sec.

The 4G mobile advertisers say 150 MB/Sec but that’s actually theoretical speeds not achievable in real life. So the 4G is roughly 5-8 times faster than the 3G network.

Ideally, you will get between 10 to 15 MB/second speed on 4G network, whether you are using Vodafone, Idea, JIO or Airtel 4G network.

Telecom Signal iconData Tariff’s

Post launch of JIO, the tariff for data has dropped fast. From Rs. 150 for 1 GB cost, you can easily get 1 GB / day in a pack of Rs. 200 or even less.

New Jio Plan 153, 54 and 24 Pack Details

Even Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea have affordable data tariffs that you can easily avail to use 4G phones. Read – Best Data Tariff Plans from All Telecom Operators.

Growth Icon4G Roll Out & Coverage

Now, the 4G rollout is almost complete in India and a huge number of towers with 4G capabilities are live. So even if you are in tier 3 or tier 4 town you can easily get the 4G coverage.

Also, a lot of rural areas, especially villages are also getting the 4G coverage. So even if you live in a village, you can check which operator has 4G coverage and use its sim-card.

Even if your local area has only 3G coverage, you can still purchase a 4G phone as they have support for 3G as well.

price-tag-iconCost of 4G Smartphones

You can easily but a 4G smartphone in the 4K to 5k price range with decent specification, so there is no need to worry about the experience. – You can check out the – Cheap and Best 4G Smartphones in Affordable budget.

There is no reason to think about the price of 4G mobiles as they are quite affordable now. Also, there are Android Go edition phones that you can buy under Rs. 4000 to 5000.

Also, 3G smartphones are dead, about 96% of all mobiles shipped to India are 4G, so there is no need to get a 3G phone. Also, all 4G phones come with support for 3G so you don’t have to worry about 3G coverage.

man icon thoughtsShould I Buy a 4G Smartphone or not? Now let’s Answer it!

You should absolutely go for a 4G mobile as there is no need to worry about the data tariffs or other issues. Almost all the new smartphones come with Dual Sim support and have 4G LTE as well as VOLTE enabled by default.


Also, the phones are now more affordable and you can even get a phone in less than Rs. 3,000 price range so there is no real reason to buy a 3G only mobile.

Should You Wait for a 5G Smartphone?

In 2018 or even in 2019, the 5G phones may not launch in India. Also, the 5G network is yet not rolled out in the country and may take a couple of years for network roll-out to begin.

So, there is no point in waiting for a 5G mobile, you should go ahead and buy a good 4G phone.

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