A website called yerha.com recently launched the worlds smallest and lightest mobile phone in India. The Elari Nano Phone C is the name for this tiny phone which is not larger than a debit card.

Smallest and Lightest (30 grams) Phone You Can Buy in India

The Phone is priced at Rs. 3940 in the Indian market and will be available in black, rose gold and silver colours. The phone is feather light and weighs just 30 grammes it is 1/5th the weight of most smartphones which weigh around 150 grammes.

The mobile comes with 94.4×35.85×7.6 mm dimensions. It is thick considering the 7.6 mm dimension even when compared to an iPhone.

It is a feature phone with basic functions like calling, SMS and music. The Elari Nano Phone C comes with a 1-inch 128×96 pixels TFT display. The phone is powered by a MediaTek MT6261D chipset and comes with 32 MB of internal storage. There is also 32 MB of ram.

Smallest and Lightest (30 grams) Phone You Can Buy in India


The phone comes with Dual Sim support and has a 280 mAH capacity battery which can last upto 4 hours calling and 4 days of standby time. The battery may be low as most thin and light phones suffer from this particular drawback.

The Elari Nono Phone C comes with MP3, FM Radio and voice recording support.

There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack and micro-usb port for charging the device. The phone comes with bluetooth support which can enable you to par it with your Android or Apple phone and make and receive calls. A handy feature to use it as a second phone.

The company calls it Anti-Smart, PRO Usage! A Stylish, Ultra-Compact Designer Mobile Phone” for the people who want to stay away from the distraction of using a smartphone. It can also be a good tiny secondary phone.

Pricing looks a bit steep and is even higher than the Nokia 3310, a tempting option for a second phone.

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