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Smartphone With 5 Cameras (Triple Rear And Dual Front) Vivo XPlay 7

Vivo in the past has launched some really crazy phones with out of the box thinking and unheard features. 

The Vivo Xplay 5 Elite was the first smartphone to come with 6 GB of Ram in the world. Also, Vivo made a ridiculously thin phone measuring just 4.75 mm in thickness. The Vivo X5 Max broke the world record for being thinnest.  

Vivo XPlay 7 To launch With 5 Cameras

Smartphone With 5 Cameras (Triple Rear And Dual Front) Vivo XPlay 7

For starters, this time Vivo is planning something crazy again – a smartphone with 5 camera setup called as Vivo Xplay 7. As if three or four cameras were not enough to capture images. Previously, Asus launched the Zenfone AR that came with 3 cameras at the back for AR applications.

Besides, the Vivo Xplay 7 leaks come from an official presentation slide of Vivo. That means it is going to be a sure shot launch either in early 2018.  

Vivo Xplay 7 to have Tripple rear and Dual front Camera 

The Vivo Xplay 7 comes with a triple rear camera design, aligned vertically on the left side. In addition to these three cameras at the back, Vivo is planning to add 2 more cameras at the front side to click selfies with bokeh effect.

So it has a total of 5 cameras, making it a true camera phone.

But why do we need 3 cameras at the back of Vivo Xplay 7? The best possible reason could be for AR (augmented reality), something similar to the Asus Zenfone AR. Recently, Huawei released the Huawei Honor 9i in India with 4 cameras (Dual rear and Dual Front).

The front side comes with a bezel-less curved display similar to the Vivo Xplay5 or the Samsung Note 8. Noticeably, there is no fingerprint scanner on the front side or even back, hinting at an in-display sensor. Recently, Vivo has been in news for developing a new technology along with Semantics to offer in-display fingerprint scanners.

The Vivo Xplay 7 can be the first phone in the world to house 5 cameras and in-display fingerprint reader.

Several companies are trying to create a practical in display fingerprint scanner like Apple for its next iPhone and Xiaomi for its Mi Mix 3. There are no more details available about the processor and other specs for the Vivo Xplay 7 but we can expect some more details as the launch approaches.

Also, Vivo has recently launched the Vivo V7, a bezel-less, selfie-focused phone in the Indian market.

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