Snapdeal 200 Crore Re-branding Bet Will it Pay Off

Snapdeal couple of days back gave a full page paper ad in many leading newspapers and showcased the new Logo and tagline “Unboxing Zindagi.”  Snapdeal says that they have delivered 100 million boxes and “A New One is Unboxed Today.”

Snapdeal 200 Crore Re-branding Bet Will it Pay Off

Snapdeal has done away with the blue and red logo and a new Red (Snapdeal Calls it Vermello Color),

It requires a huge effort and marketing budget to move from an old LOGO or design to something new and unique.  Snapdeal has done this, a difficult and expensive exercise. Many brands do this during their life cycle.

Snapdeal looks to re-position its strategy, expand its reach, and be more consumer-centric. Though they have changed there return policy some months back and especially for electronic, it is a hassle to return products as you need to visit a service center to get a written note before an order is processed for returns. Read – Returning Products to Snapdeal Becomes Difficult

The millions of dollars spent on paper, TV and digital ads along with the change of large billboards to packaging and every tiny place where the brand uses its Logo.

But the real question is does it help brands make over their image, does it help in this particular case.  The simple answer is yes. Re-branding pays off in most cases when done correctly, and at times it backfires.

What We have learnt from Re-branding from Top Brands.

Nokia Lumia Re-branding

Microsoft re-branding of Nokia Lumia smartphones to Microsoft Lumia brand is an example it didn’t pay off as much as folks at Microsoft would have liked it. The Nokia Lumia was a very strong brand, and many customers are too attached to the trusting Nokia brand for so many years.  It is a difficult task to shed that image from consumers mind and create a new one.


Microsoft could have kept the Nokia Lumia as a brand and made some kick ass products to make it more popular. The Microsoft Lumia neither attracted the older loyal customers nor did the new younger audience.

GAP Re-Branding

There are other classic examples like GAP (the voguish fashion brand) which change their strong brand logo which so many fashioners hold close to something different and all too sudden. The internet was abuzz, and people hated the new Logo and re-branding.  Six days later they recalled and reinstated the old Logo, costed the brand more than 100 million dollars.  (usually, companies use large focus groups and interviews and what not before changing the brand image and logo).


Coca-Cola has stuck to the same branding for nearly 100 years while Pepsi has made subtle changes over 11 times.  Coke also experimented with an egregious campaign for the New Coke and was a disaster. People liked the old Coke with it classic flavor, and yes the same old branding.

Re-branding at many times becomes “fixing what is not broken.”

Candytech is not a big brand but will be one day. I have thought of changing Logo to web design at least ten times in the last two years. I have hired people on Fiverr to free lancers and even some of the UI and UX experts to share opinion and ultimately have made changes which added value and keeping essential elements what readers love.  (Light design, fast loading, no video or disturbing pops and ads, minimalistic design).

Sorry for digressing from the topic, Snapdeal new design looks appealing, fresh and new age to me. The old one was also decent, but the new web experience is outstanding, far superior.

But at times I contemplate, analyze, take opinions and overthink such matters. How will this translate to more Happy customers, More Business, and More brand loyalty?

I took some time and spoke to some online shoppers in last few days and took their feedback and went to Twitter & Facebook and read comments to see How the customers feel about the new Snapdeal branding.

Here Are Some of the comments and Tweets from Snapdeal Customers. Can’t Find too many congratulatory ones.

snapdeal-customers snapdeal-customers2 Snapdeal 200 Crore Re-branding Bet Will it Pay Off


Do the emotions sum it up, are there too few congratulatory responses.  Could those 200 Core be spent to fix the after sales service or something else to delight the buyers?

Probably the Armani clad corporate marketing hotshots knows better.


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